Tuesday, June 29, 2010

i have selfish desires

to be a stay-at-home mommy.

i know selfish-ness is a bad thing, jealousy of other people is bad too. the group of women i am most jealous of??....stay-at-home moms. its true and i almost hate to admit it. well not almost i do hate to admit it.

i think it is every woman's dream growing up to be a stay-at-home mommy. keep up on the house work, do laundry, make crafty things, make supper for her hottt husband and family, have play dates, make babies (Ted - i've wanted to have your babies every since elementary school, no joke :) can't wait to see you hold our little babe, i won't be able to take my eyes off of that sight) and once a week bible studies. at least that has been my dream even as a little girl.

these kind of desires have been rolling through my head ever since we found out we were preggs. it never leaves either. it almost makes me crazy.

the reasons for these selfish desires:
  • i know it won't happen and can't happen right now in our life...being home with the babe that is. why you ask? it seems as though when you know you can't have something, you want that specific something more and more. at least thats true for me.
  • i carry our insurance for our little family. insurance is too expensive to buy on our own.
  • just bought a new house and make a mortgage payment monthly
  • my husbands income wouldn't be able to support our growing family at this time. praying someday his buisness will expand greatly and i will be able to stay home with our kiddies.
  • i just have to tell myself this is where the Lord wants me and our family at this time. in HIS time, HE may or HE may not have it be His will to make me a house wife/mother.
For now I will be thankful that, I am able to carry a child for 9 months, I have a husband who loves me and WANTS to be able to someday support his wife and children at home, a providing God, I have a job, and I have a mr. mcDreamy that i LOVE. XOXO

There's a peace I've come to know....
There's an anchor for my soul....
I can say "It is well".....

I pray for peace within my crazy brain

This song has been in my head alot this afternoon.......
(Turn the volume up!!!! #1 on the playlist baby...)
it gives me goosebumps.

so all you stay-at-home mommy's have fun with your little ones :) :) someday i pray i will join in on the fun!!! for now i have PEACE!! i am assured this is right where God wants me.


Monday, June 28, 2010

last night

was date night for the ehly's

we had a lazy sunday yesterday....ahhhhhh i love lazy sundays. we went to church for the first time in three weeks. yikesssoooo.

we came home and my sister amanda was around town so she dedcided to stop by the house. we had lots of fun. i mean how can a 2hr. nap NOT be fun?!?! we didn't plan on being that lazy but hey it was fabulous.

we don't have a free weekend until the 1st weekend in August and who knows....the babe could be here by then!!!!!!!!!!! eeeekkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!

anyways. around 6 ted asks "hey babe, you wanna go to a movie tonight???"
my response: "heck yea!!!"
side note: we haven't had a date night in a longgggg time

so we headed up to hastings to watch the movie.....this is what we watched

i was kind of afraid it was going to be raunchy (sp??) but it wasn't, hardly at all. it was lol funny. we enjoyed some popcorn...some expensive popcorn that is. we snuck pop in from the gas station. reminded me of ted and his friends really. kevin james = clint totally. that's why i think it was so funny. Rob Schneider = neal, sorry buddy but kinda true. chris rock = no one b/c no black friends. adams sandler = ted or mike more sporty. david spade = ????

funny night. i love ted. this date night reminded me of when we were in high school some 5 or 6 years ago. he still makes me feel like there are butterflies in my tum. ahhhhh. wowzzzah that seems like sooo long ago.

the babe

is 34 weeks old!
not that great of a pic but you get the idea.

So, I guess this little guy weighs as much as your regular cantaloupe...so it's a bit frustrating when the scale says I have gained much more than just what a regular cantaloupe weighs. grrrr.

Other things that i'm experiencing and they say it's 'normal'.....

  • Back aches? yep. this started about 2 weeks ago. i was teaching summer school and bent over and about fell to my knees. it.hurt.bad. come to find out, this is normal?? to have your back hurt this bad??
  • puffy feet, ankles, and legs?...you bet! this is the worst part of pregnancy thus far.....they don't even look human anymore. i thought i would be able to pull off the cute skirts and dresses this summer. nope. not this girl. its long pants and maxi dress all summer long, 98 degrees and all.
  • hemorrhoids? got 'em. ok sorry readers but it's the truth. i won't go into details for your sake :) lets just say its not that comfortable and kinda painful. ok i'm done i promise.
  • leg cramps? yes please. this only happens at night though like 2am night. remember getting charley horse cramps, this is what its like but only every night. just a bit annoying is all and maybe some pain.
  • stretch marks? unfortunately. what a bummer. i was fortunate enough to not have them until about a month or so ago. i have like 5 on each side of my stomach. i am so hoping they magically go away after baby mason gets here......am i dreaming??? probably.
  • its totally weird how much your body changes for a sweet little babe. although not all the changes are that beautiful....at least in my view. puffy non-human feet/ankles? come on people! that is not beautiful!!!!
off subject tid-bit......
so our house is super deeeeduper hot. let me re-phrase that, our upstairs is super deeeeduper hot. and our little mason is going to be sleeping up there. poor wittle guy. i want to be a swaddler kind of mom. meaning i want to swaddle him with the recieving blanket (i hear it is supposed to make babies less fussie, i'm ALL for that!!!). this is the part that i have been struggling with....our upstairs is like 90 degrees and if he is swaddled in a hot flannel blanket, won't he croak?? not literally, but really, won't he be smokin hot? so i think i found a 'cooler' way to swaddle our little babe.....there are other designs and colors too, which are way better. if you want to check them out for yourself they are at lunalullaby.com

Features of the soothing blanket:
  • 100% softest quality cotton muslin
  • Fabric weave specially designed to breathe easily
  • Lightweight fabric allows baby's temp to regulate
  • Stretchable fabric provides a snug swaddle
  • So i'm thinking it's kinda like cheese cloth material just a little heavier???

so all in all, i think these would be better for little mason while it's smokin' hot upstairs...then once it gets cold, i'll switch to a flannel blanket....

i think i'm gonna head to lincoln next week to buy me some soothing swaddle blankets!!! happier baby, happier mommy :) :)

peace out yo. xoxox.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


the hospital for mason...
wish i could say a sweet country or something, but no, just the hospital. where the whole havin a babe is gonna take place.

we will be taking some classes this summer to really find out how scary having a babe REALLY is. we needed to fill out a bunch of paperwork so we can have you wittle mason. they gave us some info on classes to take, such as a breathing class. i hear that is the most crucial part of havin the babe. in this class they will also talk about how scary havin a babe is (at least in my point of view), the pain meds and how they work. breastfeeding classes are an option too, mason you are gonna be one healthy babe...hopefully this breast feeding thing works, we need to save some $$$....pretty sure you can't buy formula at TJ Maxx!! :) haha i wish cuz it would probably be cheaper :) once we were finished with the paperwork part and classes part, we headed out for the tour. the grand tour. evidently your daddy thought this havnin a babe is pretty scary.

the first room we went to was Labor Room #1. There were many 'things' in that room that i didn't know about and kinda felt dumb about....but in my defense, haven't done this before, DUH! I thought dad was tired of standing this whole time BUT really he was about to pass out flat on the floor. i glanced at him and he had lost all of his color in his face. ghostly white :/ yikes. the nurse lady asked him 'are you alright?' and his response was 'i just feel like im gonna faint.' the nurse kinda chuckles and says, 'are you kidding with me?', 'are you serious?' she really thought he was joking around. he shook his head and his face said NO! mason, im not sure if your dad is gonna make it when you enter this world. he hopes he can and i hope he can too because you are too precious not to see right away :) your me-ma gowen said she would be the back up!! you will love your harley drivin me-ma :) :)

side note: he can skin a buck, butcher a hog, all those manly things....BUT....can't see a stitch of human blood or be around needles.

we finally got finished touring Labor Room #1, and the nurse has the nerve to ask your father if he wanted to tour the C-Section room....what do you think his answer was??? Nope i'll stay here and wait. poor guy. he just can't handle even thinking about what happens when i have you, mason.

just wanted to let you know mason, your dad is so in love with you already. he CAN NOT wait to watch football games with you....you will know all player positions before your 1!!! :) he also likes to feel you squirm, kick, and move at night (yes you move TONS at night time) don't make that a habit that you are up late at night....pretty ppplllleeeaaassssssssseeeee!!! your mom needs her sleep in order to not be a bear :)

love you mason

Thursday, June 17, 2010

pretty sure ted will like having.....

a little boy around...

he is so good with young kids. our nephews love him. and he seems so stress free around them.

so last weekend sandy and clayto had to pack for a weekend out of town, the boys and all. packing for herself, clayton, keither, AND ethan seems overwhelming...to me. that's why i called her up to see if i needed to take keither off her hands for the night while she tries to pack everything. thankfully she must have felt the same overwhelming-ness. i picked him up at 4ish thursday afternoon and headed for the villa...
ahhh, i love living in the ville :) so quiet. so stress-free away from work. so simple.

keither wanted a ride on "teds motorcycle" which in adult words means teds four-wheeler. but me-ma has a motorcycle so ted probably does too??? im so mad at myself for not getting a snappy on my camera.....but i got a mower shot. he loves to mow.

keither may even be a professional mower someday? i mean he practically mowed the whole lawn at the ripe 'ole age 2!! :)

living in the ville, you can do these things......things that kids in the city don't get to experience......

start off with the no shirt just shorts....then u get too wet

....end up in just a diaper

drink from the garden hose....letting it run for a bit first of course to get the dirt out.....city folk wouldnt like this....

maybe even drink out of the dogs water bucket...keither's thinking "bentley can drink from here, why can't i?

fill the bird bath...

no shoes. no shirt. no problem. mon. hehe
and PLAY play play :)

life in the ville, it's great. fun memories with sisters. fun memories with cousins. fun memories with the ribbens family.

our baby before the babe.

and so began my love affair.......

with water

it's totally true....my momma has always said i was a fish when i was in water....i guess i just have a secret love affair with it (don't tell ted about the affair please?!?) haha

so my sweet cousin kelsey, her volleyball friend, and i headed our way up to calamus lake. ted was gone for the weekend golfing with friends. i hate being home by myself when he isn't there, i get lonely. so i called kels and asked what she was up to, and we decided to road trip to burwell :) ahhhhhh i love the lake and i love the sun :) mason may get kinda toatsy but im getting a tan :) haha im not selfish am i?!?!?!

while we were tanning, we dug and dug and dug.....kels you almost fit in the sand pit!

look at those hot bods...then there is me and my preg self :) can't wait to have my 'normal' body back!!! but mase you are WORTH it. i.love.you.

i so wish we could afford a boat so we could live at the lake every weekend in the summer....then i could continue my love affair....with water.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

reminiscing about

summa so far :)

so i have some issues with posting current events...so far weeks have gone by with not postings :( so for this posting we are just gonna do some reminiscing :) and i may or may not do this again....probably the "may" part. It will give me the opportunity to post things that have come and gone....wether it be from just a few weeks ago or months ago :) "reminiscing" sounds much more classier than "i'm a procrastinator who takes forever to post." right?!?!?!

So! Let's reminise!

I would love to tell you about our weekend trip to lincoln for our friend Reid and McKenzie's wedding...which has been 2 1/2 weeks ago. Very fun weekend, it reminded me of our wedding. it.was.fun.sweet.lovely. ted was a groomsman for reid man....a very hot groomsman that is. i was the guestbook lady, plump and all :)

because ted was a groomsman, he got to ride the party bus. and guess what? reid and kenz were so kind to let me tag along :) sippin' on some o'doules :) :) yummy :) ted got a snappy of me sippin' on gin and juice hahahaha

one of our favorite couples:) love you stine and eric :)

he makes my heart happy :)

happy 1st birthday cooper!!!!! just don't mind the slight boob action

life is good!!


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