Thursday, April 29, 2010

the babe....

....drum roll please
is 25 weeks old!!!!

boooo-yaaahhhh!!!!! our little babe ehly is truly a gift from God. sometimes when i think about us being preggo and all that, it sometimes makes me emotional and such a crying lame preggo lady. its crazy how something soooo small can make your stinkin hormones go crazy nutzzzooooo!!!! i bet ted thinks the same things at time :) one minute im this happy little preggo wife....then bam....i can be this emotional wreck of a person....then dang! something can upset me in no time!

anyways i am thankful that i am that crazy cuz i am totally in LOVE with this little guy and haven't even met him yet!!!!

the babe at 5:50 am was saying good bye to daddy i think...ted left today to throw his line out in the lake up in valentine...ted rolled over in bed and felt my stomach and said "woah!!!" i said um yea, and i wonder why i am up?? i think i know the answer!!!! ps im totally sad that we will be 5hrs away from each other this weekend :( i know he needs his 'guy time' and he feels refreshed when he gets that, but my o my, its hard on the mrs!! im so excited for sunday!!!

this afternoon babe ehly got news that his auntie manda got him a gift from AZ! he totally gave her a big ol' redneck fist pump!!!....and i felt the fist pump, a FIST PUMP, RAISE THE ROOF, ROCK N ROLL!!!

dang! he must be gettin big cuz it is non-stop movement goin on!! martial arts?? i hope not, and so does daddy, to him he is gonna be the best dang QB ever!! :) rock it mase!!!!!

i did get a snappy of mason 25 weeks old :) :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the new......

picture taker :)

mason (babe) is dying to get his picture taken already :) so mommy thought it would be appropriate to get a new camera to get the job done :) and just for the record mason, daddy even thought it was a great idea :) (i think i use too many smileys but when talking about baby mas, i can't help it!!!)
anyways as i was saying.....
the new picture taker is, well, i might be in love with it!! i had to practice taking some shots with it to get ready for when the babe comes to meet us :) :)

that was sooooo then.......

this is what i'm talkin 'bout....

one more that was soooooo yesterday!!!

this camera is so fun!!! you can totally write on the screen of the camera with this little pen thingy :)

pretty rad huh?!?! i thought so....and so will little mason :)

side can you not LOVE and ADORE this little smile?!?!?! seriously, i just want to squeeze him :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

it's too redneck......

for lincoln......

so this weekend i got to hang out with a few of my favorite people :) ted, manda, and phil or philbert i sometimes call him :)

school is winding down and i had a personal day so i thought heck why not take a friday off and go to lincoln for a loonnngg weekend with my ted. to raise the roof we went on a couples dinner date with manda and phil!!!! and double raise the roof we ate MeXiCaN!!! :) yummzzzoooo:) (no pics cuz i didn't have my NEW camera yet...more to come) after mexican we had a fabulous time in the haymarket at a drinking venue.....too bad i couldn't drink because manda had some pretttyyyy sweetzzo drinks AND she got tipsy!!! :) i guess thats what being a P3 does to you...huh manda?!?!?! i wish i had pretty pictures of her drinky :) we went to the hotel and manda and phil went home too at closing time......but APPARENTLY manda and phil did nasty thoughts pleazzzzeeeeeeeeee....she said something about being redneck to phil and friends!!!!!hahahaha and she doesn't remember it which is even more raise the roof!

is this too redneck manda?!?!?!?!

i don't think so!!!!!
what about this one??

even that one isn't redneck.....i'm not sure what was said after the bar about being redneck, but i wish i knew :) :)


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