Tuesday, March 29, 2011

we're still here :)

if any of you are friends of mine via twitter or facebook then you would know we have the sickies at our hizzie. no fun :( just when i think mason is on the mend and getting over his cold......he gets sick again! ugh!
please and thank you :)

this weekend was my final straw this this whole sickness thing. mason decided he wasn't going to eat. nothing. nada. zilch. sooo frustrating for a momma, but especially a newbie momma! talk about not know what to do! it's not like i have gone through this before to know what is going on! i thought one of two things:
2)ear infection - therefore hurting his jaw, therefore not wanting to suck

so i got on the horn with the doctor's office and talked to our nurse and told her all his symptoms. she proceeded to tell us that she would like us to see the doctor in the morning. luckily husband has a very flexible job and can take mason in because i am out of sick days at work because of my maternity leave.
come to find out, mason has a double ear infection. awwww i could have cried!
i'm glad that i finally called to get in to see the doctor.
i didn't want to be a overly protective mom, but i also knew something was wrong, mason just wasn't the same. the one thing about this parenting gig is that it is such a guessing game! i guess i need to get good at guessing what is wrong :)

thanks for letting me vent........feels good, oh, so good :)

i hope to be back to the blogging world in full swing once i get my little bear all better :)


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

embrace the camera: march 23 {daddy style}

this weeks embrace the camera is from one of my husband and i's favorite spots to go to in the spring.
not to mention he asked me to marry him here! :)
a place where you can go to set your mind and spirit free.
a place where you see pick-up trucks parked side by side.
down by the river to roast mallos and weiners.
a place where our kids will look forward going to.

this was mason's first trip to the cabin down by the river.
mason and his dad are going to make many memories here together
cheer's to husband's first memory of him and his first son by the river :)




i love my boys with my whole heart!

y'all go to the anderson crew's blog and get to linkin' up!!!

seriously. thank me later.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

a thursday night......

march madness basketball...
coming home to a overly excited baby...
my husband to greet me...
{vegetarians don't read this}...
deer steaks on the grill...
comfy clothes...
& this!.....
you may be familiar with it...
but i'm totally new...
and it's my favorite...





obviously i need to wok on some poses :)
this site is good ol' time. i promise.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

embrace the camera: march 16

aaaand thurday is back!
you know what that means................
time to embrace the camera!!!!

these photos were captured last weekend at my sister's engagement party :)
mason was so good and so happy!
he was especially happy when he got his first taste of chocolate {gasp!}




have fun and link up to emily's blog!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

a quick video from mason and i

mason just wanted to say hello!!! i should really do this more video thing more often, i'm sure I will treasure little baby-size mason when he is all grown up :) hopefully he will enjoy them too, although i don't know of a teen boy who would :)

like the video says, we hope you have a wonderful, fabulous weekend. we will be in lincoln all day saturday to celebrate my sisters engagement to her wonderful fiance and my soon to be brother-in-law! they are seriously so cute. and i couldn't be more happy for them! have a great night!

ps...mason will be 7 months old on sunday! how can it be?



this time of year can be terribly overwhelming for educators....
because of state and national testing. testing, testing, testing.
right now school is making me feel a bit like this....




why must we test kids until they puke? i haven't seen a kid puke because of tests. but whatever.
actually i think the teachers want to puke because of the tests.

mason and i are counting the days until summer break!
52 more days. 4 more full weeks. 7 more fridays.
we can do it!
our days will probably look something like this: swimming, napping, swimming, gardening, bbq'in with friends, walks, and more swimming.
ok, so maybe i'm getting ahead of my self(heck, there's still snow on the ground)but we can dream right?! :)

i'm praying one day i won't have to count down the days anymore,
i pray one day i will be home with my babies everyday.

mason told me before he went to bed that he wanted to share something with you tomorrow.
stay tuned :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

some best of the weekend...

...better late than never, right?!

loved this weekend. mason and i spent some quality time with auntie kayla, her baby stella(the white puff ball), and grammy :) the less we do over the weekend, it seems like it is longer. which means it feels like i got to spend lots of time with little mason :)

some how mason caught this nasty cold bug. one minute he has a fever and irritable, then the next he is a happy camper. he has quite the cough goin' on and sounds like a piggy when he breathes. basically he has been taking baths in vicks vapor rub :) praying he gets better soooon!!
when baby ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

hoping to finish a couple of crafts i have been working on! can't seem to completely finish them, it's like there's a baby living in the house that needs attention or something :)
will post as soon as i'm finished!

is tomorrow seriously wednesday already! yeow!!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

embrace the camera: march 3

it's thursday and time to embrace!
this week is a mix of mommy and daddy embracing.
these are very recent pictures of our little family.
since it is finally starting to feel a little more like spring around here,
husband is out walking the pasture trying to find deer shed antlers.
he found some and mason is since mesmerized by them :)

he wants so badly to put it in his mouth {since everything goes straight to/in the mouth


mason and daddy time:
usually if we follow our routine :) mason gets some play time before
going to bed. tonight was play time with daddy.
mason will cherish these pictures one day i hope
mason has the best dad ever

go get yo' face out in front of that camera, smile, and embrace!
your children will appreciate it someday looking at the memories :)


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