Monday, November 29, 2010

mason's first vlog

for the longest time i was so confused by the word vlog....
i always thought well maybe that blog author made a type-o
{i mean the 'v' and the 'b' on the keyboard are pretty close together, so maybe they accidentally typed the 'v' instead of the 'b'}
duh....come on melinda

anyways, here is masons favy fav part of his day....
via his vloggy vlog :)

warning: ok so mase is in the bathtub, sorry you will see some baby privates....sorry
but come on, he's a babe, so it's ok? i hope so.

mygoodness. ilovehim.
smoochies all night when i get home from work :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

a christmas gift i could eat.....

yes, i love him so much i could eat him up.....
in a good way of course :)

yum, yum, yum :)
possibly a christmas card snappy!

other mason randomness.......

can you say future quarterback??
dad gives you permission to break his records at school :)

grandma ehly insists that she gives you tours of your hizzie in this stroller....
sooooo funny :) looks like you are havin a blasty blast!!

here are a few christmas/winter wreaths i have been workin on when mason hits the sack....

now i'm gonna enjoy watching some college basketball(go dukies)tonight and HOPEFULLY sleep in tomorrow school!!!!!!!
but mase hit the sack rather early tonight, so i doubt that's even a possibilty....

oh, and tomorrow we, the hubster and i, are going to try and live life with out our blackberrys...
yep, we're trading them in for some zach morris phones....dumb phones NOT smart phones...
savin us some $$$$...its a little bitter sweet.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

PETA would not approve....

because....remember my hubster went hunting? well he shot a daddy deer. and mason got his first learning experience of how to butcher a deer. daddy's deer.

yea i know it sounds gross BUT on the up side of that, we save mulah with not buying meet for the local store...

Little darling. ah! i could just eat him :)
look at those lippy's :)


Saturday, November 13, 2010

a birthday shout out...

to my lil' man!!!!!
{he's 3 months old today!!!}

just a few morning birthday pics....midmorning, afternoon, mid-afternoon, and evening pics to come......i suppose you could call me a camera/picture of my babe freak if ya want...................he is sooooo irresistible!!!!!!!!

look at me, i can sit up!!

our little lovie...
...he is soooo loved :)

holy big eyes mase...not to mention the double chin
good to know you are eatin well :)

i like to say i work two jobs....teacher by day, momma/mason lover by night
now if only i could quit one job and just be a ONE job kind of that i mean quittin my day job and keeping my night job :) :)
i will wait for God's timing on that, if that is in His plans for our little fam...He does have PERFECT timing :)

today im thankful for.......
ted is gone for the weekend to hunt down one of these....this is something that makes him happy so i'm glad he is able to get out in the wild and do what he loves.
will we have new wall decor?? ive noticed actually, that deer are 'in' for your walls...look...

this Bible verse is for him for sure.
Rise, kill, and eat. Acts 10:13


Friday, November 12, 2010

today im thankful for...

my three sissy's!!! :)

i will always be proud to say they are my sisters. i would die for them.
i love each of you very much :)
we have been through so much together, i can't imagine life with out them.
i know dad is looking down smiling at his four little girls with a great big smile :)


weekend to do list: christmas shopping!!!! :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

today i'm thankful for...

...all of our soldiers and veterans....

This is their day...thanks to everyone in our military for your sacrifice and allowing all of us to live free. we salute you.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

today im thankful for.... hubster :)

i would be lost with out him. i can tear up in no time when i think about what i would do if he left this earth to go Home.

my babies need a daddy. and he is the perfect daddy for them :)
he is already so involved in mason's little life :)
you are an amazing hubster and father :)
i love you and
will miss you this weekend!!!
{it is opening weekend of rifle hunting so he will be gone ALL weekend}
pray for his safety and that he would enjoy his "man" time.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

today i am thankful for....

our little mason :) AND
the comfort of knowing that God knows and wants what is best for our children...
...even more than we do.

I think many times that I couldn't love mason more...
...but someone does...

Here is a lullaby that matt hammitt (sanctus real lead singer) and jason ingram wrote :
i couldn't love you more

in the night, He is with you
at morning light, He is with you
do not fear, He is with you
when i'm not here, He is with you

i couldn't love you more
i couldn't love you more
oh, i couldn't love you more
but somebody does,

rest your eyes, He is with you
i pray you find that He is with you
when i let go, He is with you
and i know that He is with you

i couldn't love you more
i couldn't love you more
oh, i couldn't love you more
but somebody does,

you are mine for a moment
but you are His, forever His
in this life i am holding you
but in His arms you live

your mamma

Monday, November 8, 2010

today i am thankful for....

sunny, not windy, 75 degree november weather!!!!!!!

last year at this time, i believe we were stuck with snow....
this year we are not!!!!! :)

seriously, could it get any nicer for the 8th of november????

have a fab good as it can get for a monday, right?!?!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

new DIY project...

yarn wreath with felt flowers

i want to keep making them, i just need to find:

supplies you will need: straw wreaths, yarn, felt, scissors, glue, and any other adorable embellishment your little heart desires :)

step 1: keep the plastic wrapping on the straw wreath. it works much better and is less messy when you leave the wrap on. you could probably use a foam wreath as well but i would assume the yarn sticks better to the wrap of the straw wreath.

step 2: wrap the wreath with yarn. you will want to keep the yarn tight, but keep in mind that it is nearly impossible to keep the yarn perfectly lined up on the whole entire wreath. im my opinion imperfection = perfection :)
tie a knot to begin and a knot to end. i used two rolls of yarn for my wreath made by.....
vanna white....who knew?

step 3: make felt flowers

*cut a circle out of felt. the bigger the circle, the bigger the flower
*cut around the outside of the circle to make it have a waved look

*pick any point of the circle to start cutting the felt. you will be cutting a large spiral shape so that you will end up with one long strip of felt.

*when you get to the very end you will have a circle or oval shape left that you will want to leave and not cut into. this will be the base of your flower.
*take the end of the felt where you began cutting and start to roll. you will want to keep it tight in the beginning so it holds. if you want a smaller more circular flower keep it tight. if you want it to have a more open look you can keep it a little more loose as you roll it.
*once you get to the end you will glue the bottom onto the flower. i used hot glue, you can use a strong craft glue too.

*make as many flowers as you would like with different sizes and colors.

step 4: glue and place them randomly. add any other embellishments as you would like.

step5: add a ribbon, raffia, twine, fabric, etc to hang you wreath with.

step 6: enjoy your beautiful, handmade goodness :)
i still need to find a home for my wreath :)

enjoy and have fun gettin crafty!!!! :)


a bike for....

who wouldn't want a bike like that? that could hold your dog and a basket of pretty flowers.
all awhile you peddle along with a cute scarf and darling boots!

all need is a non-psycho dog to ride with and
the bike. but you can have a chance to win the bike!!!!

{picture via madsen}

also, im going to start to write about what i am thankful for everyday!
even though it's the 7th of november, i can start being thankful right?!? never to late to be thankful for what the Lord gives us!!! :)

today i am thankful for the time extra hour of sleep was glorious
and mason did well.
i put him to bed an hour later than normal because i thought he would wake up at 5:30 instead of 6:30am.
but he didn't!!
6:30 it was...up and at'em.
so cheers to a happy little man at 6:30am!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

how will i ever....


So, it's November and that means....time to pick out our Christmas card :)
this will be our 2nd official Christmas card as family.
our first card included our 'son' bentley
our 2nd card will include our 'real' son :)

the problem lies with which Christmas card i will be getting....
there are so many choices/designs i feel some anxiety when trying to decide.
i'm really getting hung up on whether to choose the one big picture card or the card with many small photos....hmmmmm

i do like me some red and green...

what about a break from the traditional red and green and taking a walk on the colorful side?

what about this seafoam green color that i'm in love with?
i haven't made my final decision yet, but i have narrowed it down to about three. i'll be keeping it a secret so i don't ruin the surprise when you open that envelope on that chilly December day :)

pictures via {shutterfly}


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