Wednesday, June 23, 2010


the hospital for mason...
wish i could say a sweet country or something, but no, just the hospital. where the whole havin a babe is gonna take place.

we will be taking some classes this summer to really find out how scary having a babe REALLY is. we needed to fill out a bunch of paperwork so we can have you wittle mason. they gave us some info on classes to take, such as a breathing class. i hear that is the most crucial part of havin the babe. in this class they will also talk about how scary havin a babe is (at least in my point of view), the pain meds and how they work. breastfeeding classes are an option too, mason you are gonna be one healthy babe...hopefully this breast feeding thing works, we need to save some $$$....pretty sure you can't buy formula at TJ Maxx!! :) haha i wish cuz it would probably be cheaper :) once we were finished with the paperwork part and classes part, we headed out for the tour. the grand tour. evidently your daddy thought this havnin a babe is pretty scary.

the first room we went to was Labor Room #1. There were many 'things' in that room that i didn't know about and kinda felt dumb about....but in my defense, haven't done this before, DUH! I thought dad was tired of standing this whole time BUT really he was about to pass out flat on the floor. i glanced at him and he had lost all of his color in his face. ghostly white :/ yikes. the nurse lady asked him 'are you alright?' and his response was 'i just feel like im gonna faint.' the nurse kinda chuckles and says, 'are you kidding with me?', 'are you serious?' she really thought he was joking around. he shook his head and his face said NO! mason, im not sure if your dad is gonna make it when you enter this world. he hopes he can and i hope he can too because you are too precious not to see right away :) your me-ma gowen said she would be the back up!! you will love your harley drivin me-ma :) :)

side note: he can skin a buck, butcher a hog, all those manly things....BUT....can't see a stitch of human blood or be around needles.

we finally got finished touring Labor Room #1, and the nurse has the nerve to ask your father if he wanted to tour the C-Section room....what do you think his answer was??? Nope i'll stay here and wait. poor guy. he just can't handle even thinking about what happens when i have you, mason.

just wanted to let you know mason, your dad is so in love with you already. he CAN NOT wait to watch football games with will know all player positions before your 1!!! :) he also likes to feel you squirm, kick, and move at night (yes you move TONS at night time) don't make that a habit that you are up late at night....pretty ppplllleeeaaassssssssseeeee!!! your mom needs her sleep in order to not be a bear :)

love you mason

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