Monday, June 28, 2010

the babe

is 34 weeks old!
not that great of a pic but you get the idea.

So, I guess this little guy weighs as much as your regular it's a bit frustrating when the scale says I have gained much more than just what a regular cantaloupe weighs. grrrr.

Other things that i'm experiencing and they say it's 'normal'.....

  • Back aches? yep. this started about 2 weeks ago. i was teaching summer school and bent over and about fell to my knees. it.hurt.bad. come to find out, this is normal?? to have your back hurt this bad??
  • puffy feet, ankles, and legs? bet! this is the worst part of pregnancy thus far.....they don't even look human anymore. i thought i would be able to pull off the cute skirts and dresses this summer. nope. not this girl. its long pants and maxi dress all summer long, 98 degrees and all.
  • hemorrhoids? got 'em. ok sorry readers but it's the truth. i won't go into details for your sake :) lets just say its not that comfortable and kinda painful. ok i'm done i promise.
  • leg cramps? yes please. this only happens at night though like 2am night. remember getting charley horse cramps, this is what its like but only every night. just a bit annoying is all and maybe some pain.
  • stretch marks? unfortunately. what a bummer. i was fortunate enough to not have them until about a month or so ago. i have like 5 on each side of my stomach. i am so hoping they magically go away after baby mason gets i dreaming??? probably.
  • its totally weird how much your body changes for a sweet little babe. although not all the changes are that least in my view. puffy non-human feet/ankles? come on people! that is not beautiful!!!!
off subject tid-bit......
so our house is super deeeeduper hot. let me re-phrase that, our upstairs is super deeeeduper hot. and our little mason is going to be sleeping up there. poor wittle guy. i want to be a swaddler kind of mom. meaning i want to swaddle him with the recieving blanket (i hear it is supposed to make babies less fussie, i'm ALL for that!!!). this is the part that i have been struggling with....our upstairs is like 90 degrees and if he is swaddled in a hot flannel blanket, won't he croak?? not literally, but really, won't he be smokin hot? so i think i found a 'cooler' way to swaddle our little babe.....there are other designs and colors too, which are way better. if you want to check them out for yourself they are at

Features of the soothing blanket:
  • 100% softest quality cotton muslin
  • Fabric weave specially designed to breathe easily
  • Lightweight fabric allows baby's temp to regulate
  • Stretchable fabric provides a snug swaddle
  • So i'm thinking it's kinda like cheese cloth material just a little heavier???

so all in all, i think these would be better for little mason while it's smokin' hot upstairs...then once it gets cold, i'll switch to a flannel blanket....

i think i'm gonna head to lincoln next week to buy me some soothing swaddle blankets!!! happier baby, happier mommy :) :)

peace out yo. xoxox.


  1. Ok so i remember those hot night in the upstairs of that house and you know me i was sweating BULLETS!!!!! and poor baby mason having to go through the same stuff we did..but look how we turned out...perfect :)..anyways i cant wait to see him in those little swaddler blankets :)

  2. o yea i remember those days too LIVING it right now!!!! awful. we are thinking about getting a window air conditioner too. hoping that helps.



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