Thursday, June 17, 2010

and so began my love affair.......

with water

it's totally momma has always said i was a fish when i was in water....i guess i just have a secret love affair with it (don't tell ted about the affair please?!?) haha

so my sweet cousin kelsey, her volleyball friend, and i headed our way up to calamus lake. ted was gone for the weekend golfing with friends. i hate being home by myself when he isn't there, i get lonely. so i called kels and asked what she was up to, and we decided to road trip to burwell :) ahhhhhh i love the lake and i love the sun :) mason may get kinda toatsy but im getting a tan :) haha im not selfish am i?!?!?!

while we were tanning, we dug and dug and dug.....kels you almost fit in the sand pit!

look at those hot bods...then there is me and my preg self :) can't wait to have my 'normal' body back!!! but mase you are WORTH it.

i so wish we could afford a boat so we could live at the lake every weekend in the summer....then i could continue my love affair....with water.

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