Wednesday, June 9, 2010

reminiscing about

summa so far :)

so i have some issues with posting current far weeks have gone by with not postings :( so for this posting we are just gonna do some reminiscing :) and i may or may not do this again....probably the "may" part. It will give me the opportunity to post things that have come and gone....wether it be from just a few weeks ago or months ago :) "reminiscing" sounds much more classier than "i'm a procrastinator who takes forever to post." right?!?!?!

So! Let's reminise!

I would love to tell you about our weekend trip to lincoln for our friend Reid and McKenzie's wedding...which has been 2 1/2 weeks ago. Very fun weekend, it reminded me of our wedding. ted was a groomsman for reid man....a very hot groomsman that is. i was the guestbook lady, plump and all :)

because ted was a groomsman, he got to ride the party bus. and guess what? reid and kenz were so kind to let me tag along :) sippin' on some o'doules :) :) yummy :) ted got a snappy of me sippin' on gin and juice hahahaha

one of our favorite couples:) love you stine and eric :)

he makes my heart happy :)

happy 1st birthday cooper!!!!! just don't mind the slight boob action

life is good!!

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