Friday, December 23, 2011


this is especially for those of you who have an iPhone and use instagram and want to turn your photos to magnets! don't worry android users, i guess instagram is coming your way soon!

anyways, we got our first set of stickyGram magnets and love them! they are great quality and what a fun way to see those pictures everyday on your refrigerator door! They make great gifts for friends or family, as we are giving a pack of 9 away to grandparents for a Christmas gift. They would also look nice on your filing cabinet at work. where ever you decide to stick them, they will look great! they best part is, you get a pack of 9 magnets for only 14.99, with world wide shipping! it's really addicting!, i'm wanting to take all my photos via instagram just so i can print them to magnets!!



so cool.

Monday, December 19, 2011

oh, christmas!

is it just me, or are Christmas light the most magical thing during this season? i love them. every time i look at them, they just seem to say Christmas!


there is something even more special sharing this special time of the year with a little one. seeing his eyes light up at the tree and the ornaments hanging is priceless. i have said it before and i'll keep saying it, he makes life so much more fun :)

he now his own Nativity set to play with and i must say it's the cutest. i love it when he doesn't know i'm listening, and he will say the sounds of the animals :) my heart does a few extra flips when this happens :)

hello beautiful Nebraska sunrise :) love waking up to that view every morning!


have yourself a very merry Christmas!!


Saturday, December 17, 2011

mason: 16 months

how do i have an {almost} year and a half little boy?? say what?! caarazy.

mason is fascinated about sitting in corners. weird i know. we don't even do the "sit in the corner because you are in trouble" either. he just thinks it's the best.
dont worry, i had JUST cleaned the floors and toilet. so we're good.


mason also thinks he is a cool dude :)

mason might be the next "dancing with the stars" star! that boy can bust a move if i don't say so myself!

....other bits about mason....
...mason says "AHHAHH" when ever he sees a duck on tv, one of dads decoys, on the calendar, or his bath toy duck. so cute.
...mason says "MOOO" when he gets to go to the farm or when he is playing with his LittlePeople Nativity set.
...says "WOOWOO" for puppy.
...he tries really hard to form words a giggle box :) a blabber mouth
...has a new love of books, especially tractor books or animal books. we found out that flap books aren't for him yet, as there aren't any more flaps on his books.
...he just can't help but dance when he hears any song!
...pretty much would eat a hot dog for every meal if we let him.
...the kid goes WILD when he sees a balloon. so needless to say our house is full of them. when we are in a store he will point and say BALL until the store clerk gives him one...good thing he's cute :)
...he naps once a day. usually a 2-2 1/2 hour nap.
...goes to bed around 8pm and wakes about 7-7:30am.
...still takes a bottle for nap and bed time. as long as he doesn't have it by kindergarten we'll be fine, right?! {oh well i don't care!}

love you to the moon and back little boy! :)
mama xoxo

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

weekend happenings

this past weekend was pretty glorious. for once, we didn't have any "set plans" with anyone or anywhere. don't get me wrong, i love to be in company with great friends, but every once in a while, it's great to be home with the two boys i love the most.

mason got to watch the first snow fall of the winter season. there is something magical about the first snow. aside staying in our pj's ALL day long, it makes me giddy and hope that we are snowed in for the day, sipping on hot cocoa, playing with mason, and watching movies during nap time :)



"da-da" and mason got to snuggle up too.....i might add that i was jealous. i mean come on, that's a mamas job to snuggle her little's :)


we got to meet up with my sister for a little bit and she game me this awesomely cute shirt for my birthday!!! thanks manda!! i just had to wear it for the 28 week snappy to show it off :)

yes, we are having a cowBOY :)

and last but not least, this weekend was chucked full of.......
tractors. mason has a new love of tractors. "ta-tor" as he would say :) do we have a farmer on our hands?????

have a great wednesday, friends!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

instagram recap

happy friday, y'all!!!

our house is slowly but surely looking more like CHRISTMAS!! first of all, how is it Christmas already?! i was just picking out mason's halloween costume, like, yesterday!

i'll leave you with some christmas diy decorations that my seesters and i made :)


inspiration from here



have a great weekend!!

ps we are supposed to have our first snow of the season today!!! i always have loved getting snow on my birthday :)



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