Tuesday, May 25, 2010

at longfellow

we have families

yep! we sure do. each teacher has a family group. it kinda reminds me of manna camp :) (spelling not so sure about).

each month we meet with our families and travel around the world. we talk about customs, ways of life, food, and traditions during our fun family group times. but today we went to the park for some fun :) the kiddos had a blastzzooo, yo. here are some snappy's of the trip!!

sidewalk chalk....always a hit with the female population :)

remember mr. beave??? yep his daughter is in the middle :)

my buddy, he will be moving on to 4th grade so i won't have him next year :(

peace, yo.

fan of the peace sign, yep yep!

this girl has the cutest hair everrrrr!! :)

his engineering hat....so he says....

moral of the story:
families are fun, even at school.
the kiddos LOVE fam time.
especially when there are treats.
kids need fams :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

we've been married

one whole year!!!!!!

yesterday was our one year anniversary!! This year has gone so fast and so many great 'first things' have happened in this one year! Got married, got new jobs, bought our first home, and being so every excited about our first baby!!!!! whew!

as i look back at this year, we have grown so much as a husband and wife.

before we were married, we took a class at church called Love and Respect. what this means is that we don't get in the CRAZY cycle! we stay in the love and respect cycle. see when i, as a wife respect my husband, he in turn loves me, when he loves me, i in return will respect him. and the cycle continues :)

the crazy cycle is bad. when i as his wife don't respect him, he in turn will not love me, and because he doesn't love me, i will more likely not respect him. that is bad.

do we try really hard to work the Love and Respect cycle? yep.
does it work ALL the time? nope
do we have to forgive and be the 'bigger' person at times? yep yep. sometimes i hate that i have to be the bigger person but it is the right thing to do.
is it WAY more fun being in the l&r cycle? you betcha! :)

anyways enough of that.

on our anniversary day we spent the WHOLE day together :) we went to church. then we went to his parents house for a quick lunch....yummy. and then the big whooper came. we went kayaking.

this is an under statement.....we got fried. like we dipped our bodies in the deep fat fryer. this is ouchie-wawa.

i don't even think the pictures do its justice.

ok. yes you are seeing this right....i don't have a shirt on but this was the only way you were going to get the full effect. my tum is just as red....i hope i didn't cook little mase.

i took off the rated 'R' picture....wasn't sure if other people could see or not. don't think ted was real comfortable with it :)

and my mom-inlaw took some snappys of us three (ted, me, and bentley) right away when we got in the river....but they are on her camera so im not sure if i will ever see those pics :( i will try to get them from her cammy.

moral of the story:
wear sunscreen.

now that im a

mamma!!!! :)

in light of ted being the bestest in the world.....
i love him. :)

this is my mommy's day present from my best friend.

so so pretty :)

im just so sad that i can't really wear it :( see just a week ago, my fingers WEREN'T fat....now that it got hot and humid, my hands and feet are fat. my rings don't fit. it.doesn't.make.me.happy.

love my mr.

Friday, May 21, 2010

happy birthday!!....

little baby Ethan Levi Kliewer!! :)
my newest nephew.

May 20th around 2:50pm, the sweetest little baby boy came into our lives!!! my big sister, Sandy and her husband did such a great job!!! except for the fact that you guys make BIG babies!! (Poor Sandy) little Ethan weighed in at a whoopin 9lbs. 14 oz. and 21 inche long!!! wowzers. mason, i hope you are nice to your mamma and are just a little guy!! :)

I am very proud of my sis and her hubby, i can't wait to spoil this little cutie pie like crazy :) don't worry keither, you will continue to get spoiled by the aunties and 'me-ma'. :)

ps i will add more pics as i get them :)

so i can't figure out

this dang playlist

just so you don't think i have bad taste in music selections.....
i am trying to figure out this music playlist for my blog.
it is making me a bit crazy.
i will work on it so you can listen to my o so sweet music.
have a fab day.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

its a partaayyyyy!!

for baby mase :)

the other day the staff at longfellow had a party for mason (ya know a baby shower?).
it was fabulous!!
there was scrumptious goodies there too :)

i shouldn't forget the really cool thing too about the shower....they added another staff member to the shower because she and her hubby got a baby girl...jordyn.
i say got because of this......
history note:
my freshmen year of college i had 50 practicum hours to complete, and i ended up observing mrs. raun. we were talking one day and i found out that her and her hubby weren't able to have kids. she was so sad but had a great outlook on adopting. who would have thought someday i would teach in the same building as mrs. raun?!?! not me!!! but so happy i got the opportunity - she is such a neat, positive, up beat, loves her job kind of gal.

her and her hubby have been on the adoption list for a LONG time and FINALLY two weeks ago they had an opportunity to adopt a little 9 month old girl!!!!!!!!! i really think she is on cloud 9!!!!!! so we caught some moments of her and i at the shower for the babes :) :)

diaper 'cupcakes'......you will see the cake soon:)

there is the cake....bad lighting tho, i forgot to change the setting :(

i like this one....my mom rocks!!!! and don't you forget it baby ehly!!!

and the grand daddy of 'em all............

little hoot high chair!!! :)

and for mrs raun....im so upset i didn't get a snappy of jordyn.
she.is.a.doll. i mean really dollie.

for some reason i can oooooo and awwwwww over girly clothes easier than boys......??


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

candle light dinner???

yes please!!!!!

last night we did.
we ate at red lobster for ted's birthday.
instead of a cake, they brought out an oh so delicious, yummy biscuit!!!
ahhhh it was so fun on a monday night!!
ted devoured greasy shrimp w/ bacon.
i devoured crab stuffed flounder.....yummy.com

o my. almost forgot.
we went to get DQ ice cream too.
ahhhh....peanut buster parfait!!! heaven in a cup.
this picture is slightly embarrassing. ted said i have big arm muscle. yes embarrassing. ted you don't say that to your wife!!! :)

but it was pretty darn good.

look at him and them.
he loves his boat.

Monday, May 17, 2010

hannah's fling

b4 the ring!!!

i remember mine(well kind of)it was fun. this was fun too :)
my old college room mate is gettin hitched this summa :)

we took a party bus around h-town to the bars.
i so needed this girls night out on the town....til 3 in the mornin. well maybe not that part. this prego lady gets pretty tired these days if i don't get my beauty rest.

there was plenty of dirty dancing goin on to get the boys' eye balls a poppin'. haha

the diva herself!!

celebrate away hannah banana!!!!!

belly bumpers

prego style :)

at church one week our pastors wife came to chat with sandy and i...
and asked if we had taken a belly pic together?
at first i was like 'what is she talking about'.
then she told a story of her and her sis-in-law were due real close together and they took a belly pic.
check it out.
cute huh?!?!
thought so!
so glad the lil munchkin ban-beenos will be close in age.
now if mander would just get with the picture and finish school :) :) jk maybe?!?!?!

ps im in my third trimester!!!! coolio! :) final hurdle :)

pps ignore the fact that you can see my orange-ish bra in the photos.....oops

ppss just remembered this.
remember doing belly bumpers in pe up in the wrestling deck??? i always won the girls division and clayton roberts won the boys.....i hope this wasn't saying anything when i was in 6th grade!!!! how embarrassing!!!!!!!


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