Monday, June 28, 2010

last night

was date night for the ehly's

we had a lazy sunday yesterday....ahhhhhh i love lazy sundays. we went to church for the first time in three weeks. yikesssoooo.

we came home and my sister amanda was around town so she dedcided to stop by the house. we had lots of fun. i mean how can a 2hr. nap NOT be fun?!?! we didn't plan on being that lazy but hey it was fabulous.

we don't have a free weekend until the 1st weekend in August and who knows....the babe could be here by then!!!!!!!!!!! eeeekkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!

anyways. around 6 ted asks "hey babe, you wanna go to a movie tonight???"
my response: "heck yea!!!"
side note: we haven't had a date night in a longgggg time

so we headed up to hastings to watch the movie.....this is what we watched

i was kind of afraid it was going to be raunchy (sp??) but it wasn't, hardly at all. it was lol funny. we enjoyed some popcorn...some expensive popcorn that is. we snuck pop in from the gas station. reminded me of ted and his friends really. kevin james = clint totally. that's why i think it was so funny. Rob Schneider = neal, sorry buddy but kinda true. chris rock = no one b/c no black friends. adams sandler = ted or mike more sporty. david spade = ????

funny night. i love ted. this date night reminded me of when we were in high school some 5 or 6 years ago. he still makes me feel like there are butterflies in my tum. ahhhhh. wowzzzah that seems like sooo long ago.

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