Wednesday, August 18, 2010

God's greatest blessing

Mason David Ehly

O my heavenly days...I haven't blogged in AGES!! My first excuse, we don't have internet. Our neighbor must have disconnected his internet because we can no longer steal his connection :( I guess we have to pay up now and get internet. (Is that God's way of telling us not to steal???)

My second excuse, we had a baby!!!!!!! He truly is a blessing to Ted and I. We love our snugglebear.

My last excuse, I started class at HC baby!!!! ok so im not that excited about that one......

So this is what happened four weeks ago...the story of our little man....this could get long just fyi.

Dr. said we were going to be due August 9th. Well, a week before we were due, our Dr. checked my cervix and I was only 1cm dilated. Well that was good news because that mean I was moving along! She said I could be dilated 1cm for a week or I could go into labor tomorrow and have us a little babe.....

August 9th (Monday)came baby. no contractions. no feeling different. humph. i was disappointed. so the doc says to come to the office and she would check me again. still....1cm.
grrr...we were finding out that this little man was being difficult and not wanting to come out!!
These were our options:
1) Wait a whole week to see if labor would start naturally...meaning 7 days past due. Then if nothing happens, I would be induced and doc would break my water. I was informed waiting this long would increase my chances of having a c-section. Which was not at all my way of having a baby.
2)Wait until Thursday (12th) and head to the hospital to have the nurse insert a pill on my uterus to start contractions because I was obviously not progressing. Stay the night at the hospital, then start induction of labor at 6am on Friday.

So there we were, needing to make a decision. I'll let you know, this was actually very hard on me. My idea of having a baby was that at home my contractions would start, water would break, contractions would get closer together, and ted would take me to the hospital where we would work through the contractions and then have a baby! I didn't even really like the idea of being induced, after hearing stories from Sandy.

Well the decision was....option 2

So Monday came and went. Tuesday came and went with no contractions. Wednesday came and went with no contractions. Thursday came and no contractions and we headed to the hospital and arrived at 7pm. We got admitted to the hospital and settled in our room. Of course you have to get into those stupid hospital butt-less gowns. Gross. The nurse had to do a bunch of computer work and asked many medical history questions. Then she inserted the pill so that contractions would start. Once she did that, I was bed bound for 2 hours!! YUCK! AND i couldn't eat anything. STARVING!!

Once these contractions started, they weren't close or hard core. They felt like cramps you get when you have your period. Tolerable. That evening, I was able to take down a sleeping pill....they must have known I was not going to be able to sleep because of anxiety. They hit the nail on the head with that. There was no way I was going to be able to sleep!

So Friday at 6am rolls around. Lots of emotions goin on!!! WE ARE HAVIN A BABY TODAY!!!!
I get hooked up on all sorts of monitors....there are cords connected to me everywhere! Now is when they start the pitosin (sp) which is the pits. Contractions came on right away and hard and close together. This was very draining, breathing heavy just to get through the contraction. Around 8am my doctor came to break my water. The minute she broke my bags of water, holy crap, it hurt like a motha trucka. I continued to push through every contraction with the help of ted. he was so good to me while i was going through all this!! love him. thank you babe.

I pushed through for two more hours. Around 10am, I needed some serious pain relief.
I had an awesome anethesiologist and put that sucker in, in no time. AHHHH relief. I was actually able to catch a cat nap! :)

Contractions went on, and on, and on, and on. No baby. Not much progression.

Around 4pm, still having contractions, the baby's heart rate took a bad turn. It was dropping into the 80's when it was around 150-160 usually. This meant, he was totally stressing out. Big Time. The Doc was called and we needed to do a c-section in 30 minutes to get our lil babe out.

I was a wreck. A mess. A bawling mess.
Remember, I didn't want a c-section. I was scared. I wanted ted and he didn't know if he could handle the surgery. I needed my mom too.

Ted and mom both made it with me to the surgery room where we were gonna have a babe. In 30 minutes. holy cow that's fast. The nurses kept asking me if I was in pain and i told them no. I just had so much love for you baby mason already. When they took you out, everyone said how long you were! 22in long! And possibly everyone made a comment about your head. You were kinda stuck for about 10 hours in my pelvis. You had a severe cone head. Poor guy, no wonder you were stressed! When I first got to hold you on my chest, I fell completely in love with you!!!!! Thank God, for a healthy, precious baby boy like you!! I Love you Mason!! Can't wait to spend the rest of our lives lovin' on you!!!!

look how big you are!!!!
my heart has so much love for you mason :)

daddy was so proud to ring the lullaby button, letting the hospital know you arrived :)

daddy showing you off...he was pretty proud of you :)
sister photo op :) with cousin ethan :) i think you will be BFF's!!
the cousins......keith and ethan and mason
grandpa and grandma ehly
mema loves me :)

great grandma and grandpa gowen

I cherish every moment spent with you and I absolutely love watching you grow. You are such a handsome young man and are so full of life, energy and love. You are teaching mommy so many new things about life!!!! Love you sweetie,


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