Friday, December 23, 2011


this is especially for those of you who have an iPhone and use instagram and want to turn your photos to magnets! don't worry android users, i guess instagram is coming your way soon!

anyways, we got our first set of stickyGram magnets and love them! they are great quality and what a fun way to see those pictures everyday on your refrigerator door! They make great gifts for friends or family, as we are giving a pack of 9 away to grandparents for a Christmas gift. They would also look nice on your filing cabinet at work. where ever you decide to stick them, they will look great! they best part is, you get a pack of 9 magnets for only 14.99, with world wide shipping! it's really addicting!, i'm wanting to take all my photos via instagram just so i can print them to magnets!!



so cool.

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