Saturday, December 17, 2011

mason: 16 months

how do i have an {almost} year and a half little boy?? say what?! caarazy.

mason is fascinated about sitting in corners. weird i know. we don't even do the "sit in the corner because you are in trouble" either. he just thinks it's the best.
dont worry, i had JUST cleaned the floors and toilet. so we're good.


mason also thinks he is a cool dude :)

mason might be the next "dancing with the stars" star! that boy can bust a move if i don't say so myself!

....other bits about mason....
...mason says "AHHAHH" when ever he sees a duck on tv, one of dads decoys, on the calendar, or his bath toy duck. so cute.
...mason says "MOOO" when he gets to go to the farm or when he is playing with his LittlePeople Nativity set.
...says "WOOWOO" for puppy.
...he tries really hard to form words a giggle box :) a blabber mouth
...has a new love of books, especially tractor books or animal books. we found out that flap books aren't for him yet, as there aren't any more flaps on his books.
...he just can't help but dance when he hears any song!
...pretty much would eat a hot dog for every meal if we let him.
...the kid goes WILD when he sees a balloon. so needless to say our house is full of them. when we are in a store he will point and say BALL until the store clerk gives him one...good thing he's cute :)
...he naps once a day. usually a 2-2 1/2 hour nap.
...goes to bed around 8pm and wakes about 7-7:30am.
...still takes a bottle for nap and bed time. as long as he doesn't have it by kindergarten we'll be fine, right?! {oh well i don't care!}

love you to the moon and back little boy! :)
mama xoxo

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