Monday, May 17, 2010

belly bumpers

prego style :)

at church one week our pastors wife came to chat with sandy and i...
and asked if we had taken a belly pic together?
at first i was like 'what is she talking about'.
then she told a story of her and her sis-in-law were due real close together and they took a belly pic.
check it out.
cute huh?!?!
thought so!
so glad the lil munchkin ban-beenos will be close in age.
now if mander would just get with the picture and finish school :) :) jk maybe?!?!?!

ps im in my third trimester!!!! coolio! :) final hurdle :)

pps ignore the fact that you can see my orange-ish bra in the photos.....oops

ppss just remembered this.
remember doing belly bumpers in pe up in the wrestling deck??? i always won the girls division and clayton roberts won the boys.....i hope this wasn't saying anything when i was in 6th grade!!!! how embarrassing!!!!!!!

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