Tuesday, May 25, 2010

at longfellow

we have families

yep! we sure do. each teacher has a family group. it kinda reminds me of manna camp :) (spelling not so sure about).

each month we meet with our families and travel around the world. we talk about customs, ways of life, food, and traditions during our fun family group times. but today we went to the park for some fun :) the kiddos had a blastzzooo, yo. here are some snappy's of the trip!!

sidewalk chalk....always a hit with the female population :)

remember mr. beave??? yep his daughter is in the middle :)

my buddy, he will be moving on to 4th grade so i won't have him next year :(

peace, yo.

fan of the peace sign, yep yep!

this girl has the cutest hair everrrrr!! :)

his engineering hat....so he says....

moral of the story:
families are fun, even at school.
the kiddos LOVE fam time.
especially when there are treats.
kids need fams :)

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