Wednesday, May 19, 2010

its a partaayyyyy!!

for baby mase :)

the other day the staff at longfellow had a party for mason (ya know a baby shower?).
it was fabulous!!
there was scrumptious goodies there too :)

i shouldn't forget the really cool thing too about the shower....they added another staff member to the shower because she and her hubby got a baby girl...jordyn.
i say got because of this......
history note:
my freshmen year of college i had 50 practicum hours to complete, and i ended up observing mrs. raun. we were talking one day and i found out that her and her hubby weren't able to have kids. she was so sad but had a great outlook on adopting. who would have thought someday i would teach in the same building as mrs. raun?!?! not me!!! but so happy i got the opportunity - she is such a neat, positive, up beat, loves her job kind of gal.

her and her hubby have been on the adoption list for a LONG time and FINALLY two weeks ago they had an opportunity to adopt a little 9 month old girl!!!!!!!!! i really think she is on cloud 9!!!!!! so we caught some moments of her and i at the shower for the babes :) :)

diaper 'cupcakes' will see the cake soon:)

there is the cake....bad lighting tho, i forgot to change the setting :(

i like this mom rocks!!!! and don't you forget it baby ehly!!!

and the grand daddy of 'em all............

little hoot high chair!!! :)

and for mrs so upset i didn't get a snappy of jordyn. i mean really dollie.

for some reason i can oooooo and awwwwww over girly clothes easier than boys......??


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