Monday, May 24, 2010

we've been married

one whole year!!!!!!

yesterday was our one year anniversary!! This year has gone so fast and so many great 'first things' have happened in this one year! Got married, got new jobs, bought our first home, and being so every excited about our first baby!!!!! whew!

as i look back at this year, we have grown so much as a husband and wife.

before we were married, we took a class at church called Love and Respect. what this means is that we don't get in the CRAZY cycle! we stay in the love and respect cycle. see when i, as a wife respect my husband, he in turn loves me, when he loves me, i in return will respect him. and the cycle continues :)

the crazy cycle is bad. when i as his wife don't respect him, he in turn will not love me, and because he doesn't love me, i will more likely not respect him. that is bad.

do we try really hard to work the Love and Respect cycle? yep.
does it work ALL the time? nope
do we have to forgive and be the 'bigger' person at times? yep yep. sometimes i hate that i have to be the bigger person but it is the right thing to do.
is it WAY more fun being in the l&r cycle? you betcha! :)

anyways enough of that.

on our anniversary day we spent the WHOLE day together :) we went to church. then we went to his parents house for a quick lunch....yummy. and then the big whooper came. we went kayaking.

this is an under statement.....we got fried. like we dipped our bodies in the deep fat fryer. this is ouchie-wawa.

i don't even think the pictures do its justice.

ok. yes you are seeing this right....i don't have a shirt on but this was the only way you were going to get the full effect. my tum is just as red....i hope i didn't cook little mase.

i took off the rated 'R' picture....wasn't sure if other people could see or not. don't think ted was real comfortable with it :)

and my mom-inlaw took some snappys of us three (ted, me, and bentley) right away when we got in the river....but they are on her camera so im not sure if i will ever see those pics :( i will try to get them from her cammy.

moral of the story:
wear sunscreen.

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