Monday, November 21, 2011

today i'm 26



baby boy ehly is now the size of an eggplant :)

ps i didn't even realize how dirty my mirror is....i'll get on that! maybe just another day :)

i have had some "oh, now i remember" moments remembering back to when i was pregnant with little mason.

*oh, now i remember that i have to pee a thousand times a night. not really it just feels like it.

*oh, now i remember how much my body is changing and how difficult it is to stay positive with an ever growing tummy.....not to mention gasp *thighs* sigh!

*oh, now i remember how i love the second trimester and all the energy it brings with it! but once the clock hits 9:00pm you might as well not bother with me doing anything. you will find me on the couch sipping on this


i think i'll stop's 9:10, the couch is calling my name :)


  1. awww :) you look GREAT - i love your little bump!!!!!
    so happy for the 2nd tri to be here!! can't imagine preggo with a toddler running around, yikes...... exhausting?!!!!!!
    get your butt to that couch, YES!!!!! relax and take care of you and your babay!!!!!!!!

  2. love the new look to your blog! Did you do it? Or did someone do it for you?

  3. marie, our friend danielle did my "new-do" :) she's great! i would love to learn how to make the graphics for a new blog look though!! someday, hopefully! :)



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