Friday, November 18, 2011

our little dude

first of all let's all shout together.....thank goodness it's friday!!!! :)
yes. i am thankful for fridays. :)

our little man just turned 15 months this past week. say what? i know. ca-ra-zay!! someone tell me where that time went, puh-lease?!

anyways, here are a couple of pictures i got of our little man this week as a 15-monther :)

fun on the farm :) we call him the cat herder with those two sticks he carries around. grandma literally has about 10 cats on the farm that he chases around and herds with those sticks :) so fun to watch how excited he gets about animals....i think we need some animals at our house now :)


his two favorite things as of now.....balloons and "key ca"

i'm a john deer man! :) thanks pa-pa!!

a new love....the trampoline at me-maw's house!

tomorrow is our first of many family gatherings during this holiday season and i couldn't be happier! can't wait to indulge in some home made goodness tomorrow! also we are going to get some family pictures for our christmas cards! yay! so excited :) gonna show off this 25 week baby bump :) :)

have a happy weekend!!! :)

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  1. awwwww. HES so cute :) love the sticks!!!!!!!!! hahahaha, roman is obsessed with animals now too. dogs are his fave. your new blog is cute cute CUTE!!!! hope to see you next week!!!!!!! xo



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