Tuesday, March 29, 2011

we're still here :)

if any of you are friends of mine via twitter or facebook then you would know we have the sickies at our hizzie. no fun :( just when i think mason is on the mend and getting over his cold......he gets sick again! ugh!
please and thank you :)

this weekend was my final straw this this whole sickness thing. mason decided he wasn't going to eat. nothing. nada. zilch. sooo frustrating for a momma, but especially a newbie momma! talk about not know what to do! it's not like i have gone through this before to know what is going on! i thought one of two things:
2)ear infection - therefore hurting his jaw, therefore not wanting to suck

so i got on the horn with the doctor's office and talked to our nurse and told her all his symptoms. she proceeded to tell us that she would like us to see the doctor in the morning. luckily husband has a very flexible job and can take mason in because i am out of sick days at work because of my maternity leave.
come to find out, mason has a double ear infection. awwww i could have cried!
i'm glad that i finally called to get in to see the doctor.
i didn't want to be a overly protective mom, but i also knew something was wrong, mason just wasn't the same. the one thing about this parenting gig is that it is such a guessing game! i guess i need to get good at guessing what is wrong :)

thanks for letting me vent........feels good, oh, so good :)

i hope to be back to the blogging world in full swing once i get my little bear all better :)



  1. You know that "mother's intuition" that most mother's are supposed to have when their kiddo is sick, ya I don't have that. Lincoln is so good at hiding it and acting like everything is fine and dandy so I just go by his cues of course....finally he gets a fever and I take him in and double ear infection AND bronchitis AND pnemonia. Talk about feeling like a completely horrible mom! So all that to say, I know how it feels and your doing great. Praying for your little guy to feel better soon!!

  2. I would say I'm pretty good at reading my boys. Sometimes my husband thinks I'm crazy the stuff I can hear them doing or when I know what they're feeling like. My boys will even keep playing sometimes when they have a fever of 101. But even after 3 I have those moments still when they sneak something in like an ear infection or something like that. LOL Kids are master hiders. Don't worry ladies it's all good. :)

  3. Sorry to hear Mason is sick :( So hard on baby and of course momma! Hang in there!! It's so hard to tell... I can totally relate with the first time mommmy... don't know what the heck I'm doing feelings. You are doing great!! Happy kids come from happy homes!! ;) And Mason is always smiling. Hugs and happy thoughts sent your way!! XOXO Kristine and Maggie ;)



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