Friday, April 1, 2011

they're about to hatch!

the eagle eggs that is....
so today on my way into school (40 min drive) my sister called to tell me something she heard on klove....
...there is the eagle couple that have laid three eggs and they are going to hatch literally any day! possibly even tomorrow. you have to check it out. and once you do i promise you will be addicted to watching this live cam of the beautiful majestic eagle.
the mom and dad eagle take turns sitting on their eggs.
they will turn their eggs every so often too.
today i saw one egg has a hole in it, so that one will hatch probably tomorrow!
this eagle couple have been together since 2007....awww love birds (sorry i just had to say it)
this stuff totally excites me and plus, this kind of happenings doesn't just happen every day people!
check this link out to keep an eye out on the eagle eggs and the hatching that is going to happen!

my kids at school were totally into this whole thing. i don't think they focused on anything else but wanting to watch the eagles on my computer :) it's ok, it was a learning experience for them too :)

happy weekend and happy eagle egg watching! :)
i hope i don't miss them hatching, i will be so bummed!!!

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  1. Boo! I just saw this post now!! Thanks for sharing tho!! "Love birds" I love it!! :)



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