Friday, February 25, 2011

though it's blizzard like now...

....there is still hope for pretty spring things like this....


now, raise you hand if you are done with winter and ready for spring!! :)

have a fab weekend y'all :)
{im not even southern. but i like to say y'all :)}


  1. Both hands are raised high. :)

  2. me, me, me!!! I'm SO ready for spring!!

  3. I'm ready for a vacation to the COLD! Sounds crazy huh? :) Girlfriend- I know you haven't emailed me back about colors and likes and dislikes but I got started on a header and now I'm excited. I'll email a VERY rough draft and let me know what you think. If you want to totally change it, that's fine because now I'm feeling a bit selfish and wanting it for myself. JK.

  4. I am seriously counting down the days, I think March 20th is the official first day:) Just wanted to stop over and say hi and thanks for visiting my blog! you son is so freakin cute:)



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