Wednesday, February 23, 2011

embrace the camera: feb 24

here in nebraska lately it has felt very spring like...
...until today...snow again....blah.

a couple weekends ago, we enjoyed some time in the outdoors after church
mason loooves being outside.
the minute we step outside, he is squirmy, giggly, smiley, excited little baby boy.
it's like he feels so free when he is outside :)

he must be in deep thought....sucking on that bottom lippie :)

can't wait for summer to let little mase roam outdoors while i garden :)
ahhh, it's the little things in life, ey?

happy thursday friends!
we have almost made it another week :)

xoxo, lovelies

have yourself some embracing fun with the anderson crew
go on now, ya hear?
do it.


  1. Love these! You look so happy!!

  2. running around in the garden....sounds wonderful! i want to go grab my croc gardening shoes and go out back.....oh wait i am in chicago and it snowed AGAIN! i feel your pain sister!

  3. Boys were meant to be outdoors, that's for sure. I have 3 boys who still cannot get enough of the outdoors. And your boy is so darling, I want to smoosh and kiss those cheeks of his (but not in a creepy, I don't know you, kind of way.. Promise!)

  4. We've had the same dang weather where I live. 50 degrees and then a foot of snow. So NOT right.... =)

  5. We are SO ready for spring here too! Lincoln cried every time we have to come inside from anything! Breaks my heart but it's TOO cold out! Mason's cheeks are just so cute! And I also must say that you are SO on top of things! Keeping up your blog, crafting, being a great momma, AND working full time. You amaze me. Keep it up! :)

  6. Awww- your lil' boy is SO cute!!!! The weather here has been crazy too - it felt like spring the other day then suddenly it snowed again:(
    I can wait until Spring!!!

  7. Ohhhh I cant wait for spring weather!!! We are getting snow here all weekend!
    Cute photos :) Love those cheeks! :)

  8. Great shots girl! Love the bottom lip biting picture :) What a cutie!!!

  9. Cute little boy. Here in Southern CA it's not snowing, but cold enough and wet enough to not let sick little boys outside. Here's to waiting for spring and summer. :) And I would want to assume by the title of your blog that you just might be a country music fan. Am I right or way off?

  10. loving the blue sky backdrop!

  11. Love snowy days! Hope you are staying warm!

  12. So cute. I love the hat. Stay warm! If you can believe this, it's supposed to snow in So Cal this weekend.(well a So Cal version of snow)

  13. what CHEEKS!!! :) soooooo adorable!



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