Sunday, February 27, 2011

maseman at 6 months...

say, what? what?
whoa mason, slow down!
i seriously can't believe it was 6 months ago our little baby boy was in my belly.
i remember counting down the days until we could meet our little bundle of joy.
i could never have prepared my heart enough for how much it would grow in such a short time.
being a mommy is an indescribable thing.
the amount of love i hold for my son is amazing, wanting to guide him, nurture him,
love him, and protect him.
if this is how great it is in just 6 short months, i can't wait to see how much this love
will grow over our lifetime.

i'm not sure how he does this, but mason changes every day.
seriously. there is always something new we're noticing.
he is getting bigger and bigger by the day.
it seems like in one day he was all of a sudden ready to sit on his own.
one day it seemed like all he wanted to do is smile, when it used to take alot of begging.
he is truly amazing to us.
we couldn't have been more blessed for a first born baby.
he makes being a mommy easy.

mason 6 month stats:
18.5 pounds
27.5 inches long
70th percentile in both categories
mason is a long string bean, not many rolls on this babe
he's moving, squirming, kicking, rolling, and groovin' all the time, no wonder he isn't a rollie pollie ollie....he's burning off all the calories :)


this month mason:
*got 3 shots and an oral vaccine
* tries so very hard to get to his knees to start crawling.
* became much more independent
* sits on his own to play with his toys
* started being more vocal - he is making some sort of noise all the time
* has been drooling like nobody's business
* eating all.the.time
* started eating more baby food - still getting used to different textures
* has had a cold and snotty nose
*gets upset if he realizes he is in a room by himself
*started reaching out for me
* has had lots of daddy bonding time
* was apart of our first home renovation in our house

mason continues to sleep about 11-12 hours a night. people have told us he is an "easy baby" then the next thing out of their mouths is that "the next baby is opposite!" we shall see i guess with our next one. not that we are having another one real soon here....don't get any ideas....SISTERS! ha!
so, happy birthday mason!
you are truly a blessing and our hearts overflow with love for you :)



  1. AH they are so big! haha. Just go to edit post and change the picture size, make sure to preview it before you publish so you can see if it's going over on to your side bar. UM, LOVE the bucket pics!

  2. Those are great pics! I love the letters (that I'm assuming you made) to spell his name! He is such a cutie!

  3. what adorable pictures!! he is too cute :)

    (a beautiful journey)



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