Thursday, January 27, 2011

embrace the camera: jan 27

happy thursday friends!!!

i really need to use my moby wrap more often. mason loved it!!
i never want to put mason down once i get home but i need my hands free when i'm making supper....this is the perfect solution!
i can be hands free and have mase on my hip at all times :)

and when mase isn't on my hip, he's on my boob (jk jk jk)
we play and explore our world :)

i know you want to join in on the embracing fun!! it's your lucky day, you just head right on over to emily's blog and link up!!!



  1. He is getting SO big! What a cutie! :))) We love our snuggli!! SO much easier to still keep her close at. all. times. hehe! But also having two free hands is awesome ;)

  2. I love my moby too! Great pics!

  3. both of you look beautiful! isn't the moby wrap the best? :)

  4. i love that you used the word "supper"...i'm from TX, i never hear this word in KC.



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