Friday, January 28, 2011

we made the switch....

...from luvs...

to...bum genius

we will see how this CD-ing journey goes. i know it isn't for everyone, heck! i don't even know if it for us yet....we will see starting this weekend.

the fact that i figured it will save us around $2,000 by the time mason is out of diapers.....i'm sold!!

if anyone out there in the blogospere uses CDs or has any insight using CDs.....
...i would take some loving advice :)

and some random thoughts from my ADD brain:
TGIF TGIF TGIF!!!!!! we finally made it to the best day of the week :)
ahhhhh yeeea :)

my sweet older sister just got ENGAGED yesterday night!!! yippeeeeeee :)
i think she has had this wedding planned for a few months now :) they could probably throw this shin-dig this weekend if needed....{hi amanda!!!}
i'm so happy for them! love you both manda and phill :)

going consignment shopping this weekend and hoping i snag some sweet deals :)
i really do love being a cheapoooooo!

i wish the sleeping fairy was at my house last night. being up since 3:30 isn't my idea of getting rested :) and the worst part...mason was sleeping! it's one thing to be up because of your kids, but no...i just couldn't find that peaceful rest....blah!

enough from my brain......

have a fab friday and enjoy your weekend!!!!


  1. I'm impressed that you're trying Cd-ing! I've always thought about doing it but then think about all the poop that I'd have to scrape out and I get too grossed out :( I have a friend in Wichita that just started CD-ing when her boy was born back in July and she really likes it! Good luck! Hope it works out for ya!

  2. I think it will definitely be worth it. One of my favorite bloggers is and she uses something like this with her daughter. Good luck!



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