Wednesday, January 26, 2011

mason's musings.... is busy right now. very busy....
...juggling being a mommy, wife, and teacher is getting the best of me....

however, i am thankful husband is home with mason 3-4 days a week to capture what i miss out on. gosh. typing that hurts. i hate missing out on mason's musings. shouldn't that be my job, to capture every waking moment of mason's life???
not now. the Lord has different plans. His plans not my plans.

mason has been getting bigger and bigger and stronger and stronger with each new day.
i mean heck, he's already in 12 month old clothes and he's not even 6 months old yet!!!

husband has caught some moments we will treasure forever....thanks mr.!!!!

enjoy friends. enjoy.

seriously, is he trying to crawl. i thought he was still my little snuggle bug!?!???

sidenote: husband is an avid deer hunter.
daddy went to cabelas and mason was spoiled and got his first buck. it's his new favorite toy :)

his exer-saucer is also one of his favorites. i struggle with this thought though. to be a baby wearer or use toys for entertainment? i guess what works for us and mason is the exer-saucer for now.

have a fabulous evening friends!


ps-something is coming in the mail tomorrow afternoon that i have been waiting for! but i'm not sure i should be will have to come back to see what it is :)

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