Sunday, October 24, 2010

in the midst of a blink...

10 weeks passed...
{you know that song "Don't Blink" by kenny chesney? i totally feel like that....if i blink, another 10 weeks will pass and too soon mason will be a year old}

i knew it was going to be hard going back to work, but the idea is totally kickin me in the rump-a-roo!!
there were some big, round elephant tears coming from eyes this afternoon thinking about it.
but with God's help, i will get through the day tomorrow.
4:00pm will be totally amaze!!!!
i'll race home to smooch, love, cuddle, kiss his lovely lippies, and squeeze my lovies cheekies :)

please pray i will make it through the week with no big break downs :)
i'll let you know how tomorrow goes in another post........



{end of school duh!!! :)}
{picture via weheartit}

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