Friday, October 22, 2010

back with the recap...

in one word or phrase -
im dreaming of you -

ahhhhhh....looks so peaceful :) waking up to a view like likey :)
{not sure where this snappy came from...oops}

song on repeat - ipod on shuffle?.....yes please!

gotta write it down -
lesson learned - not letting life get in the way of holding/cuddling/loving/kissing my boys, an important part of life.....especially since i won't be able to do that ALL day long :(

picture to frame -!? {spose im a bit bias}
that little smile makes my heart flutter :)
i love to squeeze those little cheekies!!

highlight of the week -

we went honky tonkin' at unlce ron's in lincoln to watch aaron watson in concert!
AND he is a christian.....honky tonk music + the hubster, amanda, and phil = a perfect night :)

{don't worry, mason was in good hands with aunt kayla :)}

weekend to do list - 1] go shopping with the sisters - kayla :( ....gonna hit up a flea market and hopefully will find some sweet deals!!!!
2] listen to the huskers, hopefully they'll put a tally in the "W" column
3] get mason's antiquities pictures taken....mommy can't wait!!!!

hope your week was fab
and you weekend more fab :)


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