Monday, October 25, 2010

the first day...

...has come and gone....
seriously thank goodness}

my day in a nut-shell.....
1] up at 4:30am, thinking i over slept and didn't hear the alarm...back to sleep i go
2] woke up at 5:25 thinking o crappy, i over slept on my FIRST day back!!! ahhhhhh
3] up at 6:00am for real this time....alarm went tick tock and im up....slllooowwwwwlllyyyy tho :)
4] tip toed downstairs {
shhh!! don't wake the baby!!}
5] made some STRONG a 4 scooper kind of pot
6] stood in front of the mirror for 20 mins gettin all fresh...haha....ok that'll do for the kiddos
7] mentally prepare for the day while sippin on my cup o' joe while doing dishes and watchin 10/11 news
8] kind of hoping the babe would wake so i could see him off before my big day {
no such luck} that boy can sleep!
9] 7:15 give the hubster a big ole' smooch good bye...while there are tears a rollin :'(
10] 7:50 arrive at school while about 500 kiddos were waiting for me giving me hugs and yelling "Mrs. Ehly you're baaaackkk!!!!!!!" "O goodie!!! I missed you!!!!"
these are all true saying fyi, im not making them up}
11] non-stop running around trying to figure out my schedule, what class i go into and what time, making sure i see all my kiddos, figuring out i have about 7-8 kids to test AND hold a meeting all BEFORE Christmas!!! yikes!, getting a new computer set up, and attempting to teach. whew.
this will make for a busy busy busy semester :) the faster it goes the closer we get to MAY!!
12] 3:30 taking a huge breath of air or a sigh of relief saying "i did it." "i made it through my first day back."
13] 4:10 rushing back home to see my baby mason that i missed so dearly
14] 6:45pm back to hastings to play a volleyball game...which we won! :)
15]8:50 finally taking a shower and time to relax!! ahhhh
just to do it all over again tomorrow}

God has me here at school for a purpose and not at home, i have to be able to trust in Him.
I just pray it is in His plan to be at home some day. I will patiently await for that day.
because you know, good things happen to those that wait.

hope everyone had an amaze monday!!!!


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