Wednesday, October 20, 2010

can he {mason} really be...

10 weeks old already?!?!?! {well this friday}
i'm really trying to wrap my head around this one.....
where did that time go?

when i was sitting in the hospital taking care of our little newbie, i was thinking how nice it was going to have 10 weeks off!!! that time off will be so long and so nice {or so i thought}.
this has been the fastest 10 weeks of my life!!!! :) mason still brings tears to my eyes almost daily.

mason at 10 weeks
*my head/neck is getting MUCH stronger - i can sit on mommy's lap and hold my head on my own for a while! yay :)
*i am a whopping 12+a little bit pounds and 24 inches long!!
*i can hold on to toys for a bit when you put them in my hands! but, i don't like to let go!
*i think i run almost a marathon everyday....i can't seem to make my legs be still......
*...soooo it makes me really tired. i sleep through the night {this makes mommy and daddy sooooo happy!!!}
*my marathon runnings during the day also makes me tired enough to take 2-3 naps a day :)
*i gurgle, laugh and smile when i'm happy. {mommy and daddy say that if they act stupid enough they can make me laugh}
*i know mommy and daddy's voices......i'm most comfortable when i can hear them :)
*i stare at my hands and really want my thumb....seems like my thumb hides so i can't suck on it
*i like being independent, sitting in my bouncer seat staring at the corn, carrot, and piggy :)
*can you tell you are a happy little boy, mason? you are happier and happier every day!!
*i can calm myself down and sleep on my own when mommy puts me to bed when i'm awake :)

we love you mr. maseman!!!!!!

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