Monday, October 18, 2010

monday, monday...

this monday is particularly sad for me....
it is the last monday i will be home with little mason :(
seriously it breaks my heart in two.

my mind has been on high speed trying to think of ways to stay home with the babe...
ways to save some money here and there.....
and here is one huge money saver im seriously looking in to....
{click on the pic for more info}
cloth diapers. what?!?
yep. i said it. and i never thought i would.
it would save us over 600 buckerooos a year. so by the time mason is out of diapers we will save somewhere near 1500 bucks. wow. {minimum amount}
{not to sound tree-huggerish...but...they are better for the environment too. think about it when a disposable diaper is thrown in the trash with poop in it, it goes to a landfill and will sit there for more than 500 years. which can then seep into our water system. ick.} for more info head here.
it's one "wee little change" that could make me one step closer to staying home with babies :)
i have to get the mr. all the way on board. i'm totally on board and ready for the challenge!! booya.

plus some are pretty cute ------------------------------------>

cheers for trying CDing {cloth diapering}

totally off subject here. but i want long pretty hair so i can do this.....
beautiful huh?!?!?!


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