Saturday, February 12, 2011

the swap...

...headband style...

about a month or so ago, i participated in my first headband swap! this was seriously so so fun!
danielle over at take heart lined up this lovely idea! {thanks lady!}

my swap partner was anna over at the joy cottage.
this lady if fabulous, creative, and super nice! annnnd not to mention she has a fabulous shop!!!
{i may or may not have ordered a pillow from her shop with mason's name on it}
just sayin' :)

after emailing each other a few times, it was time to mail off our headband(s), hoping she will fall head over heals for my little gift :)
i sent mine, and in a couple days i received my headband from anna....and......guess what?!?!

we sent each other the same headbands!!! it's like we were meant to be partners! :)

annnd how nice and sweet of her to send me a coffee mug sleeve from her shop! :)
i use it everyday because you know the only way i get through the day is, caffeine and lots of it!
i have often thought i just need an I.V. with a drip bag of caffeine :)

cute, ey?!?
head to her shop and get something nice for yourself :)
thanks anna for everything!!



  1. Ah, you did the swap! No I didn't do it. I love them, very cute. I'm giving away a necklace this weekend. ENTER! Cause no one else is:)

  2. LOVE.

    i cannot believe you guys picked out the same headband! you were so meant to be. it was a divine plan ;) i love the headband you guys picked out!! xoxo

  3. Yeah, the headband looks awesome on you! you rock it good! :)



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