Monday, January 17, 2011

goodbye... another great weekend....

this weekend was pretty low key. took MANY pictures of my little babe. had some diy/craft time with a sweet friend o'mine {hi!...stine!!}.
had a couple drinks, girlie drinks. went to church...

...and while i'm on the subject of church....ever since mason has been about 3 months old, it seems like church can't get over fast enough(that sounds horrible, so let me explain) i mean it is a long time for little ones to sit and not squawk. maybe it's just a pet peeve of mine to hear littles in church being loud to the point where i focus on them and not the message. so this sunday mason was getting really antsy and i could tell at any moment he was gonna get real unhappy and let us know about it(what happened to the days where he would sleep all through church...come on!)but i glanced at the clock and we had at least 10 more minutes. come one! lets wrap this message up and call it a day....this little is gonna flip at any moment. so where was i going with this??? i'm not real sure....just missin the days of sleeping all through church i guess :)

some weekend photos of maseypoo

we have started feeding mason oatmeal in the evenings right before bed because he had been waking up in the middle of the night just starving. i guess a 6oz. bottle isn't enough on its own. jeepers. we're gonna have a rollie pollie ollie on our hands :) bring it! love me some chubby baby :)

mason has a bad habit of scratching the crap out of his face in the middle of the night. it has been so bad that his cheek was bleeding in the morning....seriously mason?!?!???
despite his battle wounds....he couldn't be cuter....right?!!? i thought so :)

...another post about our other diy makings.....
this didn't touch the tip of the iceberg :)

hope you all enjoyed your weekend very much

....time to study my eye lids....



  1. Oh goodness!! He sure is handsome!! How old is he? Maggie just started with the foodies and we are going all out ;) She turns six months at the end of this month (eek!) and she loves all the food we throw at her! Hehe! What fabric did you use for your flowers? LOVE EM!! We've been rolling like crazy too ;) Glad you had an awesome weekend!

  2. oh mase is a cutie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cant believe hes already eating cereal!!!!

    looks so fun melinda!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    cute headband :)
    i wanna host a crafti-sale this summer at my house - and you should totally come down and sell some of your goodies!!!!

    i've got tons of ideas flowin for the sale :)

    lemmie know if you want in!!!! i'm going to start advertising late spring ..... kinda like this girls:

  3. i feel you on the church thing. good thing its not cold here because Mason and I spend most of our time sitting outside and then coming in for the music.

  4. I love making rosettes. So fun.



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