Monday, December 13, 2010

what it's like...

to be FOUR months old??
lemme tell ya :)

*when i'm on my back, i can roll allllll the way over to my tummy. once i'm on my tummy i kinda get cranky though.

*i can sit in my bumbo and play with toys when mommy is getting ready for work or church

*i can hold my head up on my own now and turn it from side to side to see all the action goin on :)

*i use my hands to grab toys and shake, shake, shake 'em!!

*when i'm in my bathtub, i wooovvveeee to splash until mommy has to re-fill it because i splashed all the water out{that really does happen}

*i get excited when i hear mommy's voice when she gets home from work.....i misss her soooo much :)

*when mommy and daddy talk to me, i smile, squeal, and coo.....they think it's so cute :)

*i sometimes copy what mommy and daddy are saying, the sounds they make

*i make lots of different sounds.....they say i babble. when i'm happy, i coo, squeal, gurgle, giggle, grin , and at times i have been known to lol

*i love to look at myself in the mirror....i really lol when i see a baby in the mirror

*i get bored when im by myself on the floor.....i love to interact i guess with people :)

*i have started crying when mommy or daddy lay me down on the couch to change my diaper.

*i looove to be sung to....its my fav!! i dont even judge mommy or daddy when they sound not very good...i still lol and giggle :)

*mommy thinks im workin on gettin some teeth pretty soon because i drooooolll all over the place.....o boy :)

*im finally growing some hair, i like to call it peach fuzz. mommy is pretty excited about this, i don't know what the big deal is.

this is what i look like at FOUR months old

oh mason,
we fall in love with you more and more each day.
you still bring tears to your momma's eyes just thinking
how precious you are. i love being your momma, but
you make it pretty easy to love my momma job :)
nigh nigh mase

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