Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the stay at home...

{for the winter that is}

we share stay at home times of the year. i stay at home with our babe in the summa{perks of being a teacher} and ted stays home with the babe in the winter {perks of being an agronomist}

this stay at home daddy is an amazing one to say the least. he loads the dishwasher, he unloads the dishwasher, he does yard work, he works on projects that i so kindly ask him to do, he sweeps the wood floors, he vacuums our living room area rug, you can find him cleaning the toilets, oh and he does the laundry, fold the laundry, AND puts the clean folded laundry away. all awhile feeding, playing, changing, and hangin out with mr.mason. woah. yep. he's like super dad.

oh. and did i mention he does laundry?? this was his latest load of laundry.............
{ill give you some previous info.}
i was feeding mason watching probably monday night football and i could hear some naughty words coming from the kitchen/laundry room. so i asked "what's wrong honey?"
no response.
"what's wrong honey?" with a louder voice
still no response.
poor hubster walks in the living room and says, "you aren't going to be very happy with me."
"what did you do mr.?"
he holds up the first shirt.

yep. one of my favorite work shirts. with permanent marker :(

second work shirt. with more permanent marker.

khaki pants. with permanent marker.

"your right honey, i'm not that happy."

BUT i DIDforgive him. because he's my husband. because he's my other half. because no one's perfect. because that's what God asks us to do. forgive.

even though he made a slight mistake. i'm sure he will be checking pockets next time he does laundry :)

and he sure made up for it by helping make the cutest baby eva!!!!!!!! :)
and snappin some of the memories of him stayin with mase at our hizzie.

seriously. i could eat him.

look at those two handsome men :)

so focused.

slobber. slobber. slobbbbbber :) all day long.

hellloooooo chunky monkey :)

....even if a couple of work clothes were ruined.....


HIM :)


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