Tuesday, December 7, 2010

my desk is sayin...

cheers to a busy week...however it's drivin me a bit nuts.....
ya know, not organized and all!!
too busy to clean. it seems like when i hit the school doors at 7:55am(ya know im getting there later and later because i'm lovin up all over my mase in the mornings) i start sprinting. im sprinting until 3:20pm. then i put my feet up and breeeeaaaattthhhhhh.
then hurry up and get ready for tomorrow as fast as i can so i can race home like a mad woman and wovie all up with wittle maseman some more. kiss those lippies. squeeze those cheekies. feel his peach fuzz hair with my lips. and love him up until its nigh nigh time.

hoooot, hooo do you love?!?!
the little owl coffee mug sittin there all nice and cute like amongst the clutter :)
my kiddies at school named him....mr. owl....and he's friends with them all!!!!



ps 12 more days until christmas break!!!!!!!!
totally doing the happy dance here :) :)
2 weeks home with mason, just like the good ol' days....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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