Wednesday, December 8, 2010

it's been a good night....

whats not to love about that snappie?? :)

notice the different clothes??? yep, we had a bit of a 'blow out' :)

other happenings at our hizniz....WARNING:
this may be kinda gross to some but utterly funny to the hubster.
the hub looks outside to see our dog with the neighbor girl dog, possibly trying to have pups.
then we look again, and the girl neighbor dog is dragging our dog around the lawn.
wth? yea, what the heck?
we go outside to see whats happening and yep, he is actually stuck to her. gross i know. i thought so too.
had to hold both dogs down until our bentley dog relaxed a bit to get un-stuck.
hahaha. NEVER thought that would EVER happen nor COULD happen!
sorry if i grossed you out.

to finish the post:
this beauty is masons great-grandma that went Home two weeks ago....this one of the last pictures of them together. mason was her 13th great-grandchild and he was born on the 13th :) she thought he was pretty special :)
hope you are having a fabulous and happy night!!!


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