Tuesday, December 28, 2010

family christmas...

we are so blessed.
our christmas table set for christmas eve dinner

this wine cover is actually a ugly sweater sleeve cut and sewn on the bottom so that the wine bottle doesn't fall out! super easy and super cute...especially if you want to give a host a little gift.
sorry too lazy to rotate the picture...use your imagination please! :)

grammy and little keither

most beautiful younger sista eva!!!!

da boys on a hand-me-down horsey

baby mason's first christmas.....he loved it!!
most beautiful oldest sista! and her boys

manda and her bf

chowing down on some cereal...starting to get the hang of it

not sure where he has more....on him or in his belly?!?! hmmm :)

a bumbo baby and an almost crawler!

love this holiday season...so blessed with such a loving family :)

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