Wednesday, December 29, 2010


the lights twinkling at our house :) ....
{for this picture i set my lens to manual focus and blurred it to my desired effect, oh so pretty :)}
{oh, forgot to tell you....santa brought me a cannon t2i slr camera!...i have sooo much to learn but am excited about the adventure!}
can you see the hearts??? if you use your imagination you can :)
i made a heart filter-
basically i used a piece of black construction paper,
traced around my camera lens then cut out,
cut out a heart shape in the middle,
then taped the paper to the end of my lens,
then voila!!
you have heart lights :)

so go put your lens on manual focus to play with the blurr effect and
hurry go take pictures of the lights before you take the christmas tree down!!!
i think it would look saaaweet too with a star or even snowflake cut out.
p.s. if you end up doing this...leave a comment and link to your pictures....
...i wanna see your b-e-a-utiful snappies!!!!! :)

being home over christmas break with husband :) yay! it's been soooo relaxing and fun!
husband with all his chest hair glory...bahaha

playing, loving, cuddling with mason for 12 whole days!!!
he was starting to get tiiiiired right bout....NOW!
still tired mom. quit taking pictures and get me out of here!
ok mom. seriously, i've had enough!!!

i'm sure all mothers are bias of their offspring....but....seriously could he get any cuter???
i.think.not. :)

...not enjoying...
our little guy has a cold now too. i know this is VERY minor to many health issues, but it sure makes for loooong days when your babe is a crabby-abby. it's hard for him to breath through his nose because he's congested and it scares him when he can't breath :(
anyways, i pray he gets better sooooon :) i would love to have my bubbly, happy, cooing, laughing baby back :)



  1. What a sugar pie you have!
    And I have been 'trying' to get a heart pic all season with my tree. What a clever way to do it. I've been just moving my camera while taking the pic. Hee He. It wasn't working all that well-

  2. The heart filter is awesome!! Great job!!



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