Monday, October 11, 2010

weekend re-cap...

so i didn't have time for a friday re-cap...
i'll do a weekend re-cap instead...
we sisstas and the babies went to a pumpkin patch :)

my other sisstas, stine, kate, and karla had a girls shopping day with no babies and no hubby's. it was!!!! we each had to drink a six-er so we could have the guts to tell the mr.'s what we all bought.....also, it was the second time i 'pumped and dumped' sad to see that gold go down the drain!

it was a fab weekend :)
i did a diy project today, i'll post tomorrow about it.
good night
p.s maseman is sleeping through the night consistantly!!!!! and sleeps in until 8am :)
love it. love him.
p.p.s we lost our vball game tonight :( better luck next time Girls Night Out, we didn't bring our 'A' game i guess. boo.

1 comment:

  1. Umm.... the pumpkin patch looked so fun!! Looks like Keith was at the perfect age :) I had so so much fun with you this last weekend.... Definately need to make it a tradition :) Although I think the guys might think otherwise hehehe!! See you soon
    Love ya



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