Thursday, October 14, 2010

a little this and that

First of all, remember those necklaces i wanted with masons name of it?? well.....
I GOT IT!!!! sooooo excited to see it in 'real life' :)

second of all, ooo and remember the purse?? got that too!! not from urban but from target.....
30 bucks cheaper...the mr. liked that lots :)

third of all, i've {and my sis mcKayla} worked on making this fall wreath :) i wanted a wreath for my house, but it seemed like everywhere I went, they looked the same. so my other sis amanda found a website for a diy fall wreath that looked awesome!! i do pretty much love me some diy!!
this is how it turned out.....
ingredients for your wreath include:
*glue gun
*grape vine wreath{hobby lobby}
*dried flowers of your choice{hobby lobby}
{i also went out in the country and picked my own wheat and indian grass}
*optional:ribbon to hang it
that's it!!! im pretty sure im gonna try a Christmas one too!!

p.s. im almost done with completing my observation hours for my hastings college class...
literally 2 hours left!!!

ok now i gotta catch up on ALL my shows from last night :) while hangin out with my babes :)


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