Wednesday, September 15, 2010

we so tech savy...

today we FINALLY got internet...

i know. i know.
about time huh?!?!
that's what i thought...i kept asking ted for permission....and.....
he finally gave in!!!!!!

my main point i kept telling ted was that i need it for my college class i'm taking this fall while on maternity leave(questioning my sanity now)....but really, i need it to keep up on my bloggie!!! :)

mason at 4 weeks and 5 days :)

snug as a bug in a rug :)
notice his pacie...don't disturb...totally true!!hehe

daddy's first day without mommy's help...he did awesome :)
i think you guys just snuggled all day ;)

melting mommy's heart
i did not want to leave you that day...but i knew you were in good hands :)

mason at 4 weeks and 5 days...
*you are starting to like your pacie MUCH better!!!
*you are growing out of your newborn clothes :) not filling them out completely, but you are so tall!!!
*mommy is having to pump milk more often because for some reason you are taking a bottle better than mommy....hmmmmmm
*you went to your first time ever Husker Harvest Day!!(im sad i didn't take a snappy)..AND you did a fab job! you made mommy and daddy's lives so slept the WHOLE time!!!
*i think you are going through a growth spurt?? you are sleeping SO much...but not waking up to eat much(which worries mommy)
*you are starting to sleep better at night time...last night's stats....i fed you at 9:30pm and you woke up at 2am to eat(daddy fed you yaya) and then slept til 6:45am...way to go baby mase!!!!

you are such a sweetie pie and you make mommy's heart full of love for you
love you mason,
cheers to havin baby mase
cheers to havin internet
cheers to a napping babe :)

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