Friday, September 10, 2010

One Month Already!!!!

Happy 1 Month Birthday Mason! :)

It is so much more difficult to find time to blog these days....I will do my best to upload recent pictures of the babe. I know I always love to see pictures of other mommy's babies, so I'll do my best! Mommy's who do a good job of uploading pictures are super mommy's!!! But it is a good thing that the vast majority of my time is spent lovin on our lil man! And when I think I have a few free minutes, I either do one of two things.
1) catch a few zzzzz's real quick
2) clean up the house like a super mom

So much has changed in our lives since our little sweetie has been here...all for the better I might add. Don't want people to get the wrong impression that he has put a damper in our lives, completely not true! We have never been happier! Ted and I have been saying, "I can't imagine not having Mason with us." Sometimes we are so busy with him, I wonder what we ever did before he was here....probably being alot more lazy I would say. I almost never have my hair done, just recently got my toenails clipped and painted, usually its a quick shower not having time to shave my legs, don't spend as much time with friends, haven't cooked a meal since Mason has been here, don't talk on the phone as much anymore because when I do it seems Mason gets fussy, I obviously don't blog as often, and I sometimes get to add pictures to facebook via Blackberry. There is just not as much time to do those things anymore. My days are completely full of loving Mason and being a mommy...hopefully after a few months I will have more time to do some of those things. I actually don't mind those big changes...probably because I have a new love in my life and taking care of him and loving him is my new fav hobby :)
Mason is one month old already....I can't believe it, how fast the time goes!! :( sad face because I KNOW I won't want to go back to work and leave him. I pray God will help me through that time. I have been trying to cherish every moment with him because I know when I go back to work I will miss out on so much. I try and capture so many photos of him because it seems like everyday he changes!!!

Mason, at one month, you are already such a special little boy!! Mommy and Daddy love you so much that words can not describe. We are so shocked at how fast the time goes by. I wish time would stop and let me be with you longer at home. Here are some things about you at one month......
  • You have just started smiling when daddy or mommy talk to you! It is the sweetest thing ever, it makes my heart melt. I havne't been quick enough to capture it on camera though. I guess maybe a video would be better. Along with smiling, you coo every once in awhile, it isn't too often so when you do, it makes me smile.
  • You are getting stronger!!! You are able to hold your head up very well at times. Sometimes you still forget to hold it and smack your nose on mommy or daddys shoulder and that doesn't make you very happy!!
  • You have very large hands, fingers, feet, and toes. I wonder what special plans God has for you with hands and feet like yours. I think your daddy probably hopes you will be a football star!
  • You are starting to 'fill out'! You were and still are pretty slender for a little boy. At your first Dr. appointment you were just over a week old and you had gained a pound exactly. So you are starting to get chubbier, but you have a ways to go to be chunky!!! :) Your cheekies are starting to get some chub to them :)
  • You are very alert when someone is talking to you. You stare them in the eyes and listen very intently!! I think you like the company when we talk to you!!
  • Mommy is your fav person right now. Probably because you know thats where you get the food!! haha Your daddy gets jealous I think :) Its pretty cute actually. I told him that there will be a day where you prefer him over me because he will take you hunting all the time. You love to be held and you are pretty particular about how you are held too. Your favorite position is on mommy or daddys shoulder with your back being patted. Your second fav position is being cradle held while mommy or daddy is bouncing you from side to side.
  • You seem to be better when you have a gas bubble. You still get fussy but it seems like you know how to fart better. We have been able to calm you down better and try different things to make you fart. We even bought gas drops to help you but have only used them once or twice. Not sure if they really work yet.
  • You love your bath time!!! You have never cried during your bath time! I think you will be a little fish like your mommy!!!! pretty soon you will be crying when we take you out of the water!
  • You don't really like or take a pacifier very well. When you are fussy we almost always try a pacifier to calm you down and it almost never works. You spit it out so fast! I wish you would like it, but maybe it's better in the long run that you don't like it.
  • Daddy and mommy both have been peed on now. Luckily we had a towl near by to quickly cover you up!! Daddy was laughing so hard when it happened to him!!!!!
  • We have been trying to get you on a schedule, not really sure if it has been working though. We kinda let you do your thing. If you are tired, we let you sleep/nap. If you are hungry, you eat, not caring about if it has been the 3 hours inbetween feedings. You can never spoil a newborn in my book!!!!!

  • daddy was so proud of my camo
    lovin me some tubby time!!

    i love snugglin with daddy
    got my pearl snaps on like daddy :) just need to fit my cowboy boots now :)
    mason, you actually like your tummy time on your ocean mat
    mason was so hungry he decided he could hold his own bottle....haha
    looks like you have some growing to do!!
    sweetie pie :)
    :) makes my heart flutter haha
    love you,

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