Friday, September 17, 2010

feeling fallish

because here in saronville...
the grain bin dryers are on full force...
and that my friends means fall is here.

and not to mention today is a high of 53 degrees and feels like 48.

i and the mr. really like this time of the year.
...something about the harvest that makes me happy.
...something about the warm colors of autum everywhere makes me happy.
...something about wearing cartigans and scarfs makes me happy.
...something about wearing jeans makes me happy and not to mention safe and secure.
...something about wearing comfy sweatshirts makes me happy.
...something about drinking warm coffee drinks makes me happy.
...something about football (especially husker) makes me happy. every thursday, saturday, sunday, and monday we the ehly's are watchin us some foozball :)
...something about fall allergies makes me sooooo unhappy :( we are going on five weeks of yucky-ness

this time of the year is when i kinda go hog-wild buying fall decorations. here are some snappy's of my newest decor.....

don't mind mason's foot, it hasn't made its way up to his room yet :)
a dried gourd that has been stained and says "Fall Greetings"
thanks MIL (mother in-law) along with some pumpkins outside
looks just like mema's :)

so u know my last post i was saying i'm expecting some packages to be arriving in the mail....well...i don't have them yet, but i couldn't wait to show you pictures of what i'm expecting:) drum roll please.....

so flippin cute :) and stylish :)
when mason isn't wearing his cowboy boots, he can be wearing these little darlings :)

this makes daddy happy :)
this makes us all happy :) omgosh i can't wait for him to wear these!!!!

if you are dying to see our package from columbia go here because i couldn't get the picture to come on the bloggie :( make sure you click on the red and black lumberjack print.....yayaya!!!!

farwell my daaaaaarlings, i hope you have the most wonderful saturday and weekend!!!!

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