Wednesday, September 22, 2010

baby's 1st....


side note: growing up, we rarely did halloween. i can count the number of times mom dressed us up for halloween on one hand. i remember being a pumpkin with all the Gowen cousins and an m&m with kayla. it's just not a "holiday" we really isn't a Christian holiday, so we just didn't get involved with it. I don't think the mr. and i will get all 'halloween happy' either in our lives with kiddos.....

however there are some cutie cute costumes out there for babies!!!! i can't resist it....i HAVE to get one for mr. plump cheekies :) these are the choices.......i may need a vote on this one!!

costume #1.....the hungry little caterpillar

costume #2...nemo! he won't swim out to touch the "butt"
he will stay with his mama :)
costume!!! he would like this pic when he's 18 i'm sure of it
and not to mention, daddy would pry like this one....

costuem #4...happy feet!!!...cousin keither may be a bit jealous....

dont' want to hurt anyones feelers

costume #5...nanner...just thought it was cutecostuem #6...famous woopie cushion!!hahahahahaaha
costume #7, option #1....pea in a pod
costume #8, option #2....pea in a pod

costume #9, option weiner with condaments
costume #10, option #2....brown weiner with no condaments
i know it may sound rediculous that i get mason a costume because the reality is, he won't remember it anyways, he won't be 'trick-or-treating', and he won't really be having a blast. HOWEVER, his mama will be the one having a blast looking at her sweet lil baby goodness in an ever so adorable costume. so there. he needs a costume. let me know your thoughts if you are browsing around on here :)

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