Tuesday, July 20, 2010

my new fav

flower.....stargazer lillies

early this spring i was sooooo excited for flowers to FINALLY start blooming after our harsh, cold winter. i found this old vintage washing tub in our flower garden with some small stems growing. at first i thought they were just weeds growing, so i was going to pick em out!! good thing i didn't. look at these beauties :)

bentley was for once being good. so i got a snappy. :) what a goof, spaz, weirdo.

last night i cut them and brought them in the house.....the aroma is so yummy :) ted even wants me to plant more for next year :) :) he says they look 'nice' not pretty.....you know manly words of wisdom haha.

baby room is almost all the way complete....i will show all when that happens :)

19 days and counting until lil chum chum baby mason is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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