Thursday, April 29, 2010

the babe....

....drum roll please
is 25 weeks old!!!!

boooo-yaaahhhh!!!!! our little babe ehly is truly a gift from God. sometimes when i think about us being preggo and all that, it sometimes makes me emotional and such a crying lame preggo lady. its crazy how something soooo small can make your stinkin hormones go crazy nutzzzooooo!!!! i bet ted thinks the same things at time :) one minute im this happy little preggo wife....then bam....i can be this emotional wreck of a person....then dang! something can upset me in no time!

anyways i am thankful that i am that crazy cuz i am totally in LOVE with this little guy and haven't even met him yet!!!!

the babe at 5:50 am was saying good bye to daddy i think...ted left today to throw his line out in the lake up in valentine...ted rolled over in bed and felt my stomach and said "woah!!!" i said um yea, and i wonder why i am up?? i think i know the answer!!!! ps im totally sad that we will be 5hrs away from each other this weekend :( i know he needs his 'guy time' and he feels refreshed when he gets that, but my o my, its hard on the mrs!! im so excited for sunday!!!

this afternoon babe ehly got news that his auntie manda got him a gift from AZ! he totally gave her a big ol' redneck fist pump!!!....and i felt the fist pump, a FIST PUMP, RAISE THE ROOF, ROCK N ROLL!!!

dang! he must be gettin big cuz it is non-stop movement goin on!! martial arts?? i hope not, and so does daddy, to him he is gonna be the best dang QB ever!! :) rock it mase!!!!!

i did get a snappy of mason 25 weeks old :) :)

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