Friday, January 18, 2013

and i'm backkk

i can see you all jumping up and down cheering. teehee :)

after much contemplation and deep thought, i’ve decided to give blogging another shot for a couple of reasons.  it has now been just over a year since i posted my last blog post.  i guess you could say life got crazy, busy just like everyone else and i just felt like blogging was something i didn’t *have* to keep up with.   i started a new job last year, gave birth to our second son 10 months ago, and just was trying to figure life know figuring out the balance between being a wife, mother, teacher, and coach.  so blogging got put on the back burner and never was taken off that burner.

i want to get back to documenting our little {growing} family.  even if some of our moments seems mundane, it’s our family and i want to record our most mundane times. my hope is that *one* day our littles will enjoy reliving their childhood memories.  i always think about my mom when she was my age....what drove her crazy when she was raising kids, what was her way of de-stressing?, what was her style?, did she sometimes cuss like i do?, was she super organized?, what was her favorite song?, etc.....i don’t know any of those answers because lets be real, she didn’t have a computer nor did she have time to document our everyday moments evidently.  she was just trying to get through life. a lot like i am right now.  i won’t ever be a fashion blogger, a blogger that blogs every day, or a food blogger, but i might be a blogger that posts once a week or once a month about bits and pieces of our everyday life.

it also makes me pretty sad to think that i haven’t recorded an *ounce* of little hank’s life.  i didn’t record how often he nursed as a wee one, when he rolled over for the first time, when his first tooth popped through, when he started sitting up, when he stood for the first time, and when his first word was “uh-oh” and not “mama” or “dada.”  these are things that my brain won’t remember as i get older, although i wished it would.  i haven’t recorded when mason and hank started playing together and laughing hysterically with each other.  those are the moments that make life the greatest.....and they aren't documented. 

my goal with blogging is to make our life real.  so often blogs show all the “good” stuff and none of the real life stuff like, my kids are driving me NUTS today and i want to hid in my closet so they can’t find me, my heart is heavy in not knowing what i’m supposed to do/be in life, etc, etc,......all while trying not to make this blog a complaining outlet.  i want my kids to know one day that our life as a family was not perfect, no where near perfect.  but i want them to see that by the grace of our dear Lord, new mercies are seen each day.  we tried to live like Him daily but failed miserably each day, but he is always there to forgive. i want my kids to see that they are and were loved very, very much.

also, mr. and i are opening up an etsy shop and hoping i can use this blog to achieve our little goal :)  i will be sure to let you know when we are opening up and what our adventure is going to entail!  i’m pretty excited about this :)

congratulations to those of you who made it through this whole post!
cheers to 2013 and this little blog, hope to have you read along! :)

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